3 Questions to … Denis Robens, Radio P.O.S
26. September 2017 | 3 Questions to…, Expo & Event Marketing, Interview

Retailers must grab the customer’s attention to entice him/her to the POS.

However, multisensory media can only be successful if the technologies behind them are well synchronized. Denis Robens, Head of Sales at Radio P.O.S, talks about this issue with EuroShop.de.

Mr. Robens, the retail industry increasingly relies on multisensory marketing. What are the latest developments in the radio segment affecting the point of sale system?

We have made great advancements in this area. To name just one example, we are able to link in-store radio with digital signage. That means you see a spot on the screen and get to hear the corresponding sound via the store sound system. This captures the customer’s attention.

The EuroShop trade fair illustrated the many facets of customer approach and engagement. How was your trade fair experience as an exhibitor?

We had a very positive experience with the trade fair since we enjoyed many customer visits. The great thing about it is that we didn’t just revel in a large number of visits but also had a great mix of repeat and interested new customers. Most notably, the quality of the conversations was very high.

Speaking of quality – what challenges are your acoustic marketing systems able to handle?

We notice that more and more customers request greater quality, especially as it pertains to the in-store radio sector, and they are also willing to invest more to get it. If you install the corresponding high-quality speakers, the broadcast content must obviously also be perfect and this is clearly the case with Radio POS. If the broadcast content is wrong, the investment in high-quality speakers is not working.

Interview: Natascha Mörs; EuroShop.mag

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