3 Questions to … Godelef Kühl, godesys AG
24. April 2018 | 3 Questions to…, Retail Technology

“To implement cross-channel sales and marketing activities, retailers need a single platform that helps them to manage customer and product processes.“

Find out what else Godelef Kühl, founder and CEO of godesys AG, has to say about the customer experience in this interview.

Mr. Kühl, what steps are necessary from a technical perspective to deliver a seamless customer experience?

In the run-up, it is important to examine how businesses can adapt processes and support information exchange. Companies can more efficiently integrate front-end, business and back-end systems by changing individual processes into flexible steps and controls. This also requires a separation of logistics processes and user interface, as well as a system-wide defined tracking of process steps to functionally illustrate changes in channels.

How does ERP help to provide a seamless customer experience?

Many companies use retail software in addition to POS software. This doesn’t make sense in seamless commerce. All channels should be consolidated into one platform and synchronized in real time. Ideally, ERP not only organizes and manages stock and inventory but also helps retailers to increase sales opportunities, optimize sales and marketing and take services to a whole new level. Added to this is the integration of a POS system. Process automation is even more interesting when retailers need to tackle many transactions: it means less effort, saves time and money, is a key business driver and benefit of ERP. Every input into the system in the digital supply chain can only be managed with the help of an ERP system. ERP integrates the collected data into an economic setting and supports the decision-making process for the seamless customer experience.

What was your impression of EuroCIS 2018?

This year’s EuroCIS clearly focused on the digitization of the textile and food industry. Whether it’s digital price tags, virtual dressing rooms or mobile payment solutions: customers will buy in an increasingly interactive manner in the future. This requires flexible ERP systems that facilitate efficient merchandise management and an integrated multichannel sales and marketing approach.

Interview: Natascha Mörs; EuroShop.mag

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