Exhibitions boost annual output of German economy by 28 billion euros
8. June 2018 | Exhibitor´s Corner, Expo & Event Marketing, News

AUMA presents new survey on the economic relevance of the German exhibition industry. 

Every year exhibitions boost German economic output by 28 billion euros. They also secure that 231,000 full-time jobs. Furthermore, exhibitions generate 4.5 billion euros in taxes at federal, state and municipal level. Thus, besides fulfilling their main purpose of providing a marketplace for supply and demand in individual sectors, exhibitions also have a considerable overall economic relevance. These are results of a survey on the economic impact of exhibitions in Germany by ifo-Institute on behalf of AUMA – Association of the German Trade Fair Industry.

The main source of this economic impact are spendings by exhibitors from Germany and abroad. This amounted to 9.6 billion euros for an average exhibition year in the period of 2014 to 2017. Visitors spent 4.7 billion euros for attending international, national and regional exhibitions. Additionally, venue owners invested EUR 200 million per year in their exhibition centres.

Chart exhibitions boost © AUMA


Source: AUMA

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