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Boasting 9.5 million inhabitants the metropolitan region of Chicago is the third largest in the USA right after New York and Los Angeles. Chicago has a lot to offer, from modern architecture, interactive museums and art to the promenade stretching over miles along Lake Michigan. And also when it comes to shopping, Chicago is in no way second to the other megacities – not just thanks to its Magnificent Mile.

We have asked our colleagues at Messe Düsseldorf North America to tell us about their personal favourite stores and shopping habits in their city of Chicago. Eva Rowe, born in Germany and Vice President at Messe Düsseldorf North America, has been at our subsidiary since 1996 and Matt Spiekhout has served MDNA as a Financial Manager for seven years now.

What does a perfect shopping day look like for you in Chicago? 

Eva: On my way to Trader Joe’s to buy cheese and a baguette for an evening picnic, I love to stroll round those little boutiques on Halsted and Armitage, have a look at Warby Parker’s display of new eyeglass frames, ideally spot a chic pair of shoes at Lori’s, buy a cute little present for a friend’s next birthday at Art Effect and finally a special designer piece for myself at McShane’s second-hand store.

Matt: Taking the train down to Hyde Park and pick up some locally made jeans at Dearborn Denim. While I wait to get them hemmed I stop in on the resale stores around the corner and pop by the record store to see if there are any albums missing from my collection.

What is currently your favourite store in the city and why?

Eva: A place I absolutely love is Container Store; I always find something there, be it an original gimmick for the kitchen, a new container or a shelving system. There is always something you need for sale there.

Matt: REI. It offers items for the entire outdoor industry, and I prefer to be outdoors as often as I can.

What do you buy online and what in physical retail?

Eva: I buy things online I can’t find in a store or – since I live in the city centre and don’t have a car – heavy items like cat litter or potting soil.

Matt: I buy presents for birthdays and holidays online because I like to do research on a product. I buy clothes in bricks and mortar stores, because I need to try them on to get a good fit.

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