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“I believe that Chicago will be the most beautiful megacity in the world” – and Frank Lloyd Wright, US architect, interior designer, author, art dealer and originator of this statement (1867 – 1959) was not entirely wrong. Chicago has a lot to offer – from contemporary architecture, interactive museums and art to the miles of promenade stretching along the banks of Lake Michigan. And in terms of shopping Chicago is also a top destination among key metropolises. The EuroShop.mag has compiled some impressions for you…

Nike Town – an experience not only for passionate sportspeople! With loving attention to detail and extraordinary ideas. “Boardstory” instead of Storyboard…


Disney inside, Disney outside – perfectly realised brand design with a local twist


Altar’d State – like an enchanted garden


Nordstrom – great store design, intriguing details with its own perfectly embedded retail food service


An eye-catcher time and again:


In early July the imminent 4th of July celebrations obviously inspired visual merchandising at Macy’s


Adidas – wow, what an entrance… and even Adi Dassler is part of the game…


2017 saw the world’s first Nutella Cafe open in Chicago


In Chicago there’s a fixed point of contact for Christmas enthusiasts even in midsummer


Kiehl’s – tradition-rich brand vs gaudy design


Burberry – an unmistakable pattern. In Chicago you not only find it in the store but already recognise it from afar


Retail looks back on a long tradition in Chicago. Only few people know that the Merchandise Mart was the biggest building in the world when it opened. It is so big that it still had its own postcode until 2008. It is only exceeded in size by the Pentagon. When opened the Merch Mart pooled all of Chicago’s wholesalers under one roof. Today, it houses numerous stores, cafés and restaurants on its ground floor while the upper storeys serve as a furniture warehouse.


Chicago Lighthouses on Magnificent Mile: not only a gorgeous eye-catcher on Chicago’s main shopping mile in summer 2018 but also an art project with a message. Initiated by The Chicago Lighthouse, a social services organisation, the colourful eye-catchers are meant to raise awareness for the inclusion of people with disabilities in everyday and working life. Many of these beacons were designed with loving attention to detail by handicapped people.


Goodbye Chicago, see you on our next (shopping) trip!

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