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The world-famous Harrods department store in London is pulling out all the stops for its renovations and features precious materials and custom-designed shopfittings. Harrods’ fully re-designed “Fine Wines & Spirits” and “Roastery & Bakehall” are opulent masterpieces.

The “Roastery & Bakehall“ project was designed by David Collins Studio (DCS), the ”Fine Wines & Spirits“ Rooms were made over by Martin Brudnizki Design Studio. Umdasch – The Store Makers implemented the shopfitting project.

“Fine Wines & Spirits“

Fine spirits worth up to 28,000 English pounds need the right ambiance – and most importantly the proper storage to keep their aroma. That’s why the wine collection features subdued light. What’s more, some cabinets are glass-fronted and chilled – to protect the most expensive spirits from all over the world.

The materials featured in the 500 square meter space include black and white marble patterned floors, limed-oak timber wall paneling and copper design elements. The style pays homage to the opulent Art Deco style of the 1920s. According to Umdasch, the novel “The Great Gatsby” served as the inspiration for the design.

The ultimate highlight and eye-catcher are the various tables scattered throughout the space where customers can savor the aromas of the grape varieties. The glass bell jars and their copper trumpets exude the scents upon pressing an air cushion.

“Roastery & Bakehall“

This hall features a bakery, a coffee roastery and a patisserie. The pastries and coffee delicacies are also available to-go via a location in Basil Street.

Customer senses are also fully engaged in this setting – thanks to roasting, baking and tasting.

Fully renovated: ceiling, metal surfaces, and the Carrara marble flooring. The brass coffee roaster is a custom creation.

“Due to the Victorian tiled walls and the restored old ceiling details, which all featured different dimensions, we had to custom-make each piece of furniture. In doing so, the display cases, wall and central space solutions adapt to the details and the structures of the historic building, and – despite seemingly looking the same at first glance – are all slightly different, “explains Roman Fußthaler, Managing Director Premium Retail at Umdasch.

Visitors are transported back to the 1930s – the size and shape of the hall are still the same as back then. Both projects focused on combining tradition and experience.

Another Harrods renovation project will be complete by the end of 2019. Can’t wait to see the beautiful makeovers!

Silvio Kirchmair (left), CEO, and Markus Langsenlehner from umdasch Store Makers

Umdasch recently celebrated its 150th anniversary, where the company also introduced its new title “The Store Makers”. On the occasion of its birthday, the EuroShop team congratulated Umdasch- and donated a keg of beer to give a toast and celebrate.

Author: Natascha Mörs
First published at: iXtenso – Magazin für den Einzelhandel

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