29. September 2018 |

Thet Su Hlaing received her MBA (Master of Business Administration) in Germany and has worked for some German companies. After living 15 years in Australia, Japan and Germany, she came back to Myanmar as a country manager of a German Pharmaceutical Company. She set up her own company Su Shwe Nadi Trading and Consulting in 2012. She became official Representative of  Messe Düsseldorf since july 2018 and has had many years of working experience as freelance senior advisor for German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ) and the Centre of the Promotion of Imports from Developing Countries (CBI) Netherlands. We have asked Thet Su Hlaing to tell us about her personal favourite stores and shopping habits in Yangon/ Myanmar.

Thet Su Hlaing, © Su Shwe Nadi Trading and Consulting

Thet Su Hlaing, © Su Shwe Nadi Trading and Consulting

What does a perfect shopping day for you looks like in Yangon?

As for me , a perfect shopping day starts around at 10 a.m on Sunday morning (off day). I mostly go and visit at the shopping malls like Myanmar Plaza,Junction City and City Mall St.John ..etc ending up with several bags of goodies. Sometimes goes for window shopping and meeting / dating with friends and having lunch together while chatting happily.After that head to the cinema is a must on this day. If I want to spend more times outside, I would go for dinner with partners at bar & restaurants which has a nice city view so that we can relax and comfortable. This kind of day is a perfect shopping day for me in Yangon.

What´s your favorite shop in the city at the moment and why?

At the moment, my favorite shop is the supermarket which is named “Market Place”. It can be available almost all kind of products in one place that we need.We can shop various kind of products such as cosmetic, kitchen items, food&beverage ,fast foods,..etc. So that we can save time by shopping there.There are several reasons why this is a good shop. One of them is the wide range of it’s products.And also because of the quality of products , good price offering and nice environment also attract me.

What do you prefer to buy online and what to buy in a brick and mortar store?

I prefer to buy E books, movies, music, home appliances and gifts for other from Online. I usually buy cloths, foods,bags,cosmetics and perfumes in a brick and mortar store.