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Chocolate World Bachmann in Luzern: creative store concepts and customised lighting solutions

Confiserie Bachmann in Lucerne is considered one of the best producers of chocolate in Switzerland. With its creative store concepts, the innovative family company with a tradition going back more than 120 years demonstrates how a craft business can build an appealing and successful brand with product quality, well-conceived retail design and last but not least customised lighting solutions.

Confiserie Bachmann operates a total of 20 branches in city locations and shopping arcades in Switzerland. At its headquarters in Lucerne, the company has opened its new “Chocolate World” as the brand’s flagship store – and it is not short of superlatives. The centrepiece of the store is the “flowing chocolate wall”, which is unique in terms of its dimensions and construction. 750 kg of liquid decorative chocolate flows continuously here – those counting calories might want to avert their eyes!

The design focuses on sensuousness and opulence.

The traditional company has cooperated with Lucerne architect Mark Jöhl for many years, and the firm of architects has now given it a sensuous and opulent makeover. Modern shapes and a hint of rococo combine to create a composition rich in contrast in the “Chocolate World”. Rough natural stone lends a rustic alpine look – and accents in the company colour pink are literally the icing on the cake of the interior design. With its 400 m2, the new store sets new standards of shopfitting and lighting in the sector.

The lighting solution created by BÄRO plays a dual role: on the one hand, the light gives structure to the salesroom and on the other hand, the spectrally optimised lighting presents the exquisite pralines and chocolates in a particularly appetising and attractive way. At BÄRO, advantages such as a consistent, high-quality look, low energy consumption, reliable functioning and straightforward installation are a matter of course. A special feature of the lighting concept is that the main part of the salesroom is illuminated with warm light colours. The high colour rendering values CRI >90 show the brightly coloured product assortment to best advantage.

Immersion in a warm lighting atmosphere

Furthermore, the LED special light colour GoldenBread is used at Bachmann to highlight and present the nuances of the dominant gold and brown shades of the baked goods and chocolate. It has a spectrum that is precisely matched to the requirements of bakeries and confectioneries. Focused light from recessed and track-mounted spotlights vibrantly structures the room and brilliantly highlights the products on display. The Intara RD recessed spotlights are oriented to the shelving and presentation tables. A curved feature made of a curtain of crystal above the service counter serves as an eye-catcher. Concealed behind this, Ontero EC track-mounted spotlights make the crystals sparkle and at the same time illuminate the display cases below powerfully yet gently. The concept does not contain any diffuse general lighting: this enables both the products and also the large format digital screens used everywhere in the shop to be shown to best advantage.

Source: BÄRO GmbH & Co. KG / Confiserie Bachmann AG / AR-PR
Pictures: ©BÄRO

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