20. February 2019 | Exhibitor´s Corner, Gallery, Retail Technology

Not only the visitors of EuroCIS 2019 are international, of course the exhibitors are as well. They came from all over the world to present their latest and most impressive innovations to you and to discuss with you. Exciting and interesting at the same time. All according to the motto: Technology never sleeps.

Look forward to an inspiring exchange. You can find a selection here.

Shelfie Pty. Ltd., Australien, Halle 9 / B22

Shelfie comes to Düsseldorf from the Commonwealth of Australia and has brought their shelf analysis platform. Shelfie enables retailers to analyze shelf information in real time and prevent out-of-stock situations. This reduces costs and increases store efficiency.

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WatchGuard Technologies Inc., USA, Halle 10 / B55

The company WatchGuard Technologies from the US is presenting its wireless solutions in order to exploit the full potential of a secure network. These include WLAN routers and the associated network management.

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OOO ‘Cubic-Media’, Russland, Halle 10 / F34A

Cubic-Media from Russia want to create the same unique recognition value for their store with their musical digital signage solution as the onion towers stand for Moscow. Consequently they develop individual sound designs for each store.

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Stora Enso Oyj, Finnland, Halle 10 / C05

Finland has the largest forest areas in Europe. This is certainly one of the reasons why Stora Enso has considered trees as a raw material differently and offers here at EuroCIS various bio-based packaging materials for the retail sector.

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“Always believing great things are going to happen…” -under this motto Shenzen-based exhibitor JASSWAY TECHNOLOGIES shows its newest professional POS terminal solutions at EuroCIS.

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Grupo Epelsa S.L., Spanien, Halle 10 / C12

Grupo Epelsa comes from Spain. At EuroCIS, you can try out the company’s new PC scales for yourself. In addition to the commercial scales, it also offers manual and automatic labelling machines.

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NICOLIS PROJECT SRL, Italien, Halle 10 / A36

NICOLIS PROJEKT offers not only electronic price tags, but also various digital signage solutions. At EuroCIS 2019 they present a new communication system. It is intended to change the way in which shopping and retail space is used.

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IntraPosition Ltd, Israel, Halle 10 / D04-13

Israel has a technologically advanced market economy. This is also reflected in the companies. Intraposition, for example, wants to revolutionize the stationary trade with the BuzCart line. With BuzCart Shop, customers get a kind of personal assistant app that guides them through the store and thus reduces lost sales due to not finding the right product.

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Point Mobile Co., Ltd., Korea, Halle 10 / F42

Point Mobile Co., Ltd. also comes from the land of technology giants Samsung and LG and designs extra-resistant handhelds based on the Android technology for companies. Equipped with a scanner, they can be used, for example, to digitize warehouse logistics.

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