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EuroCIS is becoming more and more international. With exhibitors from all over the world, knowledge about the purchasing behaviour of the various nations is also growing. Why are Latvians shopping at night? And how do Isrealis prefer their shopping experience? Our exhibitors know the answer.

Latvia: Shopping fresh food at night

Computer Hardware Design SIA, Riga, Lettland, hall 10 / E53
Janis Janums, Member of the Board, Sales Director

People in Latvia spend a lot of free time in shopping malls. You find a lot of additional entertainment like cinemas, bars, playgrounds.
There is a special night market in summer in Riga. Local producers come to this market and sell fruits and vegetables from 7:00 p.m. till 10:00 in the morning. The products are very fresh because they are picked and sold at the same day.

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Estonia: Credit card is king

Forte Group OÜ – feedbackterminal.com, Tallinn, Estland, hall 9 / D14
Andres Eljas, Product Manager

Estonia is a very IT advanced country. The most important payment method are credit cards. They are accepted almost everywhere. Many people use shopping as a therapy for not becoming depressive because of the bad weather.

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Finland: All products at one place

HappyOrNot, Tampere, Finnland, hall 9 / E34
Tiina Vähätalo, Customer Success Manager

Online-shopping is very popular in Finland. The country is very large but there are only few big cities, so many people live in a big distance to shops. Supermarkets in Finland are huge: They sell food, electronic goods, hardware, clothes, toys, and more. This is important especially for Finish families. Usually both parents are working and there is no time for shopping.

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Ukraine: Recovery after the crisis

ITS LLC, Kharkiv, Ukraine, hall 10 / D04-9
Denis Onischenko, Co-Owner

Customers in the Ukraine make purchase decisions based on the price. They are looking for deals and 60 per cent of the business is made due to promo. After the economy crisis people looked for cheaper products and stopped buying unnecessary items. But now the country is trying to come back and people again buy products of better quality.

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La Réunion: Mobile and self-determined customers

ORIKA SARL, Sainte-Clotilde, La Réunion, hall 10 / A73
Marie-Christin Strecker, Marketing & Communication Assistant

The residents of La Réunion have a strong focus on mobile shopping. Self-scanning for example is provided in almost every shop. The customers pay attention to the prices, because most goods are expensive. The pricing level is about 30 per cent higher than in France. At the moment many huge malls get built with a lot of supermarkets and shops.

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Israel: Bulk purchase for one week

Shekel Brainweigh Ltd., Mp Lower Galilee, Israel, hall 9 / D73
Guy Moshe,CTO

Shopping in Israel always means buying big amounts of goods. We plan for at least a weak and spend a lot of money with one purchase.

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Venezuela: Service and quality

The Factory HKA C.A., Caracas, Venezuela, Bolivarische Republik, hall 9 / D32
Mario D’Annibale, Project Leader

Service and quality are the most important arguments in Venezuela.

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Japan: Neighbourhood and online shopping

TOTAL CASH SYSTEMS CO., LTD, Kawaguchi, Saitama, Japan, hall 9 / C68
Hiromichi Usui, President & CEO (l), Annie Su, Chief International Sales Division (m), Jonathan Broughton,Sales Manager (r)

Japanese people prefer to buy Japanese products. Service is very important. Shops are opened everyday and you find a lot of supermarkets in the neighbourhood. If both parents are working, families order many things online, also food.

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Bosnia and Herzegovina: Fast and reliable

Tring d.o.o., Gracanica, Bosnien-Herzegowina, hall 9 / D77
Nihad Hadžihasanović (Head of Sales) (r), Almir Mehanović (l)

Nihad Hadžihasanović explains what is important for customers in Bosnia-Herzegovina: “Customers pay special attention to fast service and reliable products.”

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USA: Personal contact at the POS

Crossmatch, Palm Beach Gardens (FL), USA, hall 9 / B56
Marc Brown, Regional Sales Manager (r), Andrej Mencik (l)

For customers in the USA service plays a significant role. For that reason, retail shops are still very important.

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China: Convenience above everything

Group Sense Mobile-Tech Limited, Kowloon Bay, Hong Kong, Hongkong, China SVR,  hall / D31
Wan Gar Ming (Marketing Manager)

In China convenience is the most important thing! Especially Hong Kong is a very fast place and people want to be able to buy what they want, when they want.

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