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Shopping in the store for interior design in Middelburg, Zeeland province of the Netherlands

A small courtyard in Middelburg in the Netherlands, where three shops cuddle up together: the Decorette Woonatelier De Lange Jan, the Kinderkamer Duimelot (children’s shop) and the Eetkamer Likkepot (gastronomy). Today you can take a look at the studio.

You can buy fabrics for upholstery, colours and all kinds of home accessories. The proximity to the children’s shop and the Likkepot’s restaurant makes shopping quite cosy and familiar.

The advantage of a store for interior design is that the furnishings are usually also the goods to be sold. This gives you a direct insight into how the whole thing could look at home or in your own store.

The store bears its name because of the abbey tower Lange Jan, the second highest tower (around 90 metres) in the Netherlands and landmark of the city of Middelburg.

Author: Natascha Mörs
First published at: iXtenso – Magazine for Retailers
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