3 Questions to … Francois Roupinian, Lightemotion
3. April 2019 | 3 Questions to…, Interview, Lighting

Lighting is not just about illuminating objects. It’s about how you make your customers feel when they enter your store. More about this from François Roupinian, founder, principal and creative director of the Canadian firm Lightemotion. He is also a member of IALD, the International Association of Lighting Designers.

Mr. Roupinian, does lighting have an effect on customer behavior?

Lighting has a real impact on the way customers will feel, be comfortable in a space and how they will interact and engage in the activities that are offered to them.
Lighting has to go beyond just the technical aspects of illumination, or the way a space looks, it has to be driven by creating a sense of wellness and a specific state / feeling that is directly linked to the business objectives and type of use of a space.

What are the specific challenges for lighting concepts in food retail or gastronomy?

You need to create a sense of arrival: “Wow, we are entering a special space where we will undergo an experience.” The customer also needs to feel comfortable in that space; you can use intimate lighting, so the customers feel like they are in their personal space. But at the same time, it should be a grand gesture that makes them feel like they are part of a whole, a community of individuals living the experience.

Of course, you need a really high standard of lighting quality, so the food looks appetizing but also natural, because you do not want to alter the look of a plate.

What does environmentally sustainable lighting look like today?

It is different for each project. A good lighting design has to be tailored to the project. We use good / low energy lighting fixtures of course and never try to overlight.
The art of good lighting is not always illuminating an element because you can, it has to be lit because it serves a purpose.

Interview: Julia Pott, EuroShop.mag

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