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16. April 2019 | 3 Questions to…, Interview, Shop Fitting, Store Design & Visual Merchandising

Shopping frenzy in the shopping paradise. That’s Bangkok.

If you are in Bangkok, there is no getting around shopping! Shopping districts, department stores and markets offer an acute risk of shopping frenzy for every purse. A true shopping paradise! Our colleague Sansanee Srisurayotin, manager at Exposis Co., Ltd (foreign representative of Messe Düsseldorf in Thailand), agrees with that.

What does a perfect shopping day for you looks like in your city?

A perfect shopping day is when I have a whole free day for myself. I usually start with waking up a bit late then get my stomach full with breakfast before I go outside to start the shopping day! I’m a kind of those who doesn’t really has a plan. I just walk around department stores, look at clothes, bags and things that are displayed in front of each store. I buy things I like (and are reasonable priced, of course!) then I have a good meal at some nice restaurant. Afterwards I walk until my legs start protesting before I go back home.

What´s your favorite shop in the city at the moment and why?

Kaufrausch im Shoppingparadies. So ist Bangkok. © Messe DüsseldorfIcon Siam. It is a brand new department store that opened a couple of months ago in Bangkok. The place itself is very fascinating with many luxury shops and nice restaurants for every kind of food you can imagine! Besides, the view from Icon Siam is what makes it memorable and very attractive, as it located near Chao Phraya river. My favorite moment is when I have a nice dinner at sunset and look at the river.

What do you prefer to buy online and what to buy in a brick and mortar store?

I only buy books that need to be imported online. Everything else I prefer to buy at mortar stores – especially clothes, because I need to try them on first.


Photos: Messe Düsseldorf

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