Robotic Coffee Haus at San Francisco International Airport
8. August 2019 | News, Retail Technology, What´s new in Retail

Pre-ordering customized coffees with mobile app for on-the-go consumption

Travelers and employees of San Francisco International Airport (SFO) can now have their coffees prepared and served by a robotic barista. Austin-based Briggo Coffee has installed the airport’s first gourmet, fully automated Coffee Haus adjacent to the security entrance inside Terminal 3, gate 72.

Briggo’s robotic Coffee Haus will operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “Speed, quality, and consistency are at an absolute premium when it comes to airport amenities, which makes Briggo the perfect coffee experience for one of the top rated airports in the world,” said Briggo CEO Kevin Nater.

While ordering ahead from the Briggo mobile app or on the Coffee Haus touchscreens, customers can completely customize their flavored latte, cappuccino, or several other gourmet coffee and tea drinks. Using the precision and efficiency of Briggo’s robotic technology, drinks are crafted within minutes from custom whole-bean blends, fresh dairy, and gourmet syrups at a rate of up to 100 cups per hour.

Briggo’s Coffee Haus will feature its own high quality Briggo Blend of high-altitude arabica beans, and will rotate specialty blends from local Bay Area roasters Verve and Sightglass.

Recently installing a second Briggo Coffee Haus in Austin-Bergstrom International Airport, the opening in San Francisco International Airport marks the beginning of rapid national expansion for the brand.

Source: Briggo

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