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12. September 2019 | 3 Questions to…, Expo & Event Marketing, Interview

In-person event marketing opportunities

In times when every piece of information and an infinite array of media technologies reach everyone, everywhere, anytime, businesses wonder how they can still reach and impress their target audience. Thorsten Sydow, Director of Marketing and Public Relations at SALT Solutions recommends live events to create experiences and strengthen and deepen customer relationships.

How can companies score with event marketing?

Event marketing is a great opportunity to connect with people. It may sound trivial but in actuality, it’s a powerful way to reach people in person within a B2B context (!). After all, people also buy from people. Ideally, customers obtain targeted information that’s specific to their interests from companies that have earned their trust. This is where event marketing with its trade shows, conventions, and in-house events plays a vital role in marketing communications and customer interaction.

How does live marketing capture the essence of these unique times?

In times of overstimulation and apparent sensory overload, live marketing is a great chance to establish and highlight the essence of B2B: building a long-term, stable and trusting relationship with the customer. Starting with an experience-driven booth design that makes a lasting impression on event visitors to initial contacts or deepening conversations with future customer managers, all the way to an educated opinion and growth mindset about the provider. From this vantage point, live marketing not only captures the essence of the times but also the essence of people.

Digital versus analog, what’s better?

Analog doesn’t stand a chance without digital and vice versa. Having said that, a customer-centric approach is impossible without the big opportunities digitization provides for marketing. That’s why we must accept, understand and embrace the digitization of marketing as an opportunity to reach the target audience in a quicker and more effective manner.

Needless to say, digitization also provides a variety of opportunities for event marketing that make life a lot easier and more convenient for organizers and visitors – starting with intelligent CRM to assist with the invitation and registration process, to live audience polling at events, all the way to digital local lead generation and direct transmission of newly acquired information to the CRM system.

Interview: EuroShop.mag

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