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Arneg, a company focusing on commercial refrigeration and retail equipment and historical exhibitor at EuroShop, keeps talking about cooling systems – but this time, from behind the scenes, with three videos.
Three emotion-based videos using imagery to communicate what’s behind the Arneg brand. The three adverts, each with a story related to a different mood, all share a common claim: “It only takes small gestures to make life better. And the technology to make it possible.”

An elderly lady and an elderly gentleman sitting at the dining table while eating; copyright: Arneg

© Arneg

Arneg launches its new brand promotion campaign. The campaign has chosen not to talk about products as such, but about the values that underlie Arneg and have established the company as a leading player on the global market for commercial refrigeration.

The campaign features three videos, each associated with a particular emotion, and adopts a direct, familiar approach to conveying what lies behind the technology that Arneg produces and sells: a world of real people. The universal language of emotions is used to transmit the concepts of respect, care, dedication, commitment to continuous improvement and, above all, humanity.

A young man carries a tray from a modern kitchen; copyright: Arneg

© Arneg

Three stories of everyday life, snapshots of precious moments, are told through instantly comprehensible images that touch the heart of the viewer.

In the first, an elderly couple, close but friendly rivals, represent Irony as a spice of life. In the second, a new family and an intimate daily gesture, performed with love and attention, symbolize Protection. The third and final video depicts Melancholy through an unfulfilled expectation, a disappointment but, as with the previous videos, a simple but highly symbolic gesture towards the end of the action makes the viewer smile and feel a close connection with the characters.

A young man and a young woman are standing at an open terrace door, looking out on party decorations; copyright: Arneg

© Arneg

The style is familiar and intimate. The objective is to shorten distances, to show the public Arneg’s corporate identity and the personality behind the brand. To tell the world that Arneg’s values are the values that bring us all together.

To show that, behind the technology, there’s more than meets the eye.

Watch the first spot.

Videos no.2 and no.3 will be released in November and December 2019 respectively, on the following Arneg platforms:

Arneg HQ website:                         www.arneg.it   www.arneg.de
YouTube:                                            http://bit.ly/YouTubeArneg
Facebook:                                          http://bit.ly/FacebookArneg
Instagram:                                         http://bit.ly/InstagramArneg
LinkedIn:                                            http://bit.ly/LinkedInArneg



The Arneg Group

Logo of the company Arneg

© Arneg

Arneg Group is a multinational group spanning Europe, the Americas, Asia, Africa and Oceania. Through the Arneg, Oscartielle, Intrac and Incold brands, all based in Italy, and its 20 production plants and 17 international offices, the Arneg Group is global leader not only in commercial refrigeration, but also in the design, production and installation of complete equipment for the retail sector. The group has achieved this position by leveraging synergies between its member companies and exploiting a unique heritage of know-how and ideas, shared throughout the group via a vast production and distribution network covering every content.

This kind of synergy is the result of Arneg’s ability to work in harmony with the culture of every country where the company expresses its style, flair for innovation and Italian character and sets up subsidiaries and production units to operate locally and employ local men and women.

This makes a real contribution to sustainable growth and development guided by a new, evolved, collaborative and shared business ethic.

In an exhibition hall hundreds of people in suits stand lined up for a photo; copyright: Arneg

© Arneg

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