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Beauty for your shelf

What are your thoughts when you hear words like “beauty” and “care”? Are you thinking about creams or beauty salons? But have you ever thought about shelf care? And about the look and appearance of your shelves? When it comes to the Health&Beauty section isn‘t it obvious thinking about the perfect appearance of your shelves?

Visual attractiveness plays a big role in retail and will be of even greater importance in the future. The shopping experience must be comfortable for the customer. The Shopper should be able to immerse himself in another world and be guided by his senses. This is why the investments in the modernization and design of the stores are increasing. Each single section becomes a special shopping zone in which the customer lets himself drift. Nevertheless, the customer’s focus must be directed directly to the products. Therefore permanent visibility of the products is essential for the success of the new philosophy. This can be achieved with permanent frontfacing on the shelf.

Shampoo bottles in a shelf


With automated pushfeed systems from POS TUNING in Bad Salzuflen you are on the safe side. Thanks to innovative solutions for whole product categories, all products can always be presented in the best way: At the very front edge of the shelf! No more slipping or tipping of round products like deodorant or hair care. The solid and combined system of a pushfeed and a divider enables easy refilling and customer-friendly removal. Planogram changes are easy and quick to handle as the system can be easily adjusted to every single product width. The entire shelf depth can be used and the system is compatible to each commercial type of shelf.

Just try it yourself. You will be amazed about the positive impact of the shelf attractiveness on the purchase decisions of your customers. This is a real beauty treatment for your turnover.

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We have been developing internationally successful systems for optimising product presentation in businesses since 1998. Our areas of expertise range from pushfeed systems, lifting and sliding systems, and lighting, to arrangement systems, theft-prevention systems, and guidelines.

We’re shaping the future of digital commerce with innovative solutions, such as digital inventory management and the latest technology for checkout-free shopping. POS TUNING delivers to over 120 countries worldwide and provides the highest “Made in Germany” quality.

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