C&A: Pop up and Customization
4. November 2019 | News, Shop Fitting, Store Design & Visual Merchandising, Shopping Today

The fashion company C&A is well-established in China and – rumors had it – a Chinese investor was interested to buy the company in 2018. In its European stores C&A is now changing the store appearance.

Volker Dick, Head of Store Concept C&A Europa, recently introduced his visions at EHI Retail Design Conference. Dick is responsible for more than 1.500 stores and 38 flagship stores in 18 European countries. He claims that “the aim of modernization is to highlight the strength of the collection – and it is achieved by updating the presentation of the brand and improving the shopping experience”. The modernization is based on three principles:
Customers should

  • gain a positive experience visiting the stores
  • be involved in human interaction (personal guidance by shop assistants)
  • benefit from the use of online tools merging stationary trading (omnichannel).

In a first step C&A has now included pop-up areas in its stores for various use like events or co-operations.  Also lighting in different store areas has been made over to build up a matching atmosphere to the different collections. Additionally new features have been installed such as self-checkout services, individual print services for customization of products and an instore-tailor to fit sizes according to the customers’ needs.
C&A is continuously developing the concept and working on the improvement of customer experience.

Author: Cathrin Klitzsch, EHI

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