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EuroShop is fast approaching and trade show planning is about to kick into high gear! There are many questions you need to address: Who will you send to the trade show to represent your company? Which products will you showcase? What should your trade show booth look like?

Preparation is the key to success both for experienced exhibitors and newcomers alike. To help you stay calm and look forward to your EuroShop presence, we have put together ten tips to pave your way to a successful trade show.

  1. Planning is everything

A successful trade show doesn’t just happen. Quite the contrary, it involves precise planning and organization in the run-up to the event. First and foremost, you must set up a budget you can stick to. In a next step, divvy up the responsibilities and tasks. Who handles the logistics? Who manages the booth setup? How many associates are needed to man the booth? What is your timeline? Should you handle the organization internally or hire an outside company? The Exhibitor Dashboard at EuroShop helps you with this planning process. Gain access as a registered exhibitor by visiting this link.

  1. Effectively promote your booth before the trade show!

Prior to attending the show, many trade fair visitors choose the booths they’d like to visit. That’s why it is essential to plan ahead and draw attention to your booth and products before the trade show. Promote your attendance by using as many channels as possible! Print flyers and display them! And remember to take advantage of the Internet! Your own website, social media channels and the EuroShop website provide a world of possibilities.

  1. Less is more

Does your company offer a wide range of products? At first glance, it might be tempting to showcase as many items as possible. But when you make your selection, try to see things from a visitor’s perspective! Visitors don’t like to be inundated when they approach your booth. They expect a clear presentation that allows them to get a quick overview and orientation.

  1. Make the difference!
    White futuristic exhibition booth; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

    © Messe Düsseldorf / ctillmann

Given EuroShop’s nearly two-and-a-half thousand exhibitors, it can be easy for your booth to disappear into the crowd. That’s why your goal should be to stand out. Attract attention! Create a stylish booth design that perfectly reflects your business and products. Everywhere in life, optics have an alluring effect, but they are not everything. Visitors expect a unique presentation that goes along with a unique booth. In short, be creative!

  1. Rely on an experienced, motivated and friendly team!

Nothing is more off-putting to a trade fair visitor than inexperienced, bored or unfriendly trade show staff. So choose your trade fair team carefully! Coach your team to success before the trade show, making sure that all associates will be able to competently and efficiently represent your company. Again, put yourself in the shoes of a visitor! How would you like to be greeted at a booth? A professional and well-groomed appearance and natural charm can make a lasting impression.

  1. Cookie-cutter booth or custom event location?

If you want visitors to remember you and your products after they visit 20 other exhibitors, you must turn their visit to your booth into an event! Showcase your products, organize lectures, host a contest, games or sweepstakes, invite people to a party at your booth or conduct surveys! These and similar activities add value, captivate attention and make visitors remember you.

  1. Think globally!

EuroShop is an international trade fair. Make information available in multiple languages, but definitely include German and English in your selection. The same applies to your associates: Staff with fluency in multiple languages is a great benefit. Having a good command over the English language is a must, while foreign exhibitors should have at least one associate who knows how to speak German fluently.

  1. Hand out attractive giveaways

Everybody loves a nice pen, a bar of chocolate or a calendar for the office. Giveaways attract visitors and ensure that they remember your booth and your company for a long time.

  1. Take advantage of Messe Düsseldorf’s extensive services

Whether you are concerned about booth construction, outdoor advertising, logistics, networking, recruitment or even catering services for your team – Messe Düsseldorf is always here to help you. For more information about trade fair services, please click here.

  1. Follow up after the trade show!

Oftentimes, exhibitors neglect follow-up communication and wrap-up after the trade show. Yet the right follow-up is actually one of the most important elements of a successful trade fair presentation. Use this time for a post-show feedback survey. Use any praise and criticism to improve your next trade show appearance. And above all, follow up with your contacts! Send information to visitors you exchanged business cards with or point them to entertaining content on your website. That’s when a lead, contact, and conversations at the booth can soon convert into a valuable business contact or client.

Your EuroShop team wishes you lots of success at EuroShop 2020.

Compiled by Sonja Koller, EuroShop team

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