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At Euroshop 2020, inVRsion will exhibit a new way of conceiving retail space and conducting in-store activities

Immersive technologies like augmented (AR) and virtual reality (VR) have been growing in popularity in recent years. The opportunities of these technologies are such that many big players like Facebook have already invested in them.

The retail sector is evolving at fast pace and whoever wants to stay competitive can’t overlook change anymore. According to Goldman Sachs, the global market for VR and AR in retail will reach USD 1.6 billion by 2025.

With its enterprise virtual reality solutions, inVRsion puts itself next to leading CPG brands and retailers which aim to drive their business towards digital transformation, helping them considerably save time and costs.

man infront of a shelf wearing vr glasses

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Store design/remodeling and in-store activities simulation

inVRsion recreates existing or future stores with incredible realism through VR.

supermarket with checkout counters

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It simulates retail spaces of any kind and size, from proximity stores to huge malls, from away-from-home environments to grocery stores, from beauty to fashion and luxury shops.

It remodels layouts and simulates any in-store activities, from the positioning and validation of POS material and extra displays, to communication in store and promotional activities, to category management and trade marketing.

By testing their projects in VR, clients can avoid any impact on physical stores, preventing wrong implementations and accelerating the go-to-market of the already validated options.

Cross-functional shopper research and training

inVRsion’s simulations are so realistic that even the shopping experience can be simulated, allowing the user to “navigate” the environments, customize elements and interact with products and assets in real-time.

Graphic of a shelf with products and red and green dots

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The different in-store solutions can be validated from the shoppers’ point of view by conducting research with VR, also integrating biometric and neuroscientific devices. Eye-tracking, GSR (galvanic skin response) and EEG (electroencephalogram) enable to study shoppers’ in-store navigation and path-to-purchase, in order to validate different flow and merchandising solutions. Promotional and communication activities as well as new packaging can be put under the shoppers’ lenses to see which message or design catch shoppers’ interest.

By deeply understanding their customers, businesses can implement solutions that meet their preferences, thus gaining a competitive edge over competition.

More engaging training sessions can also be conducted in VR across different business functions or activities even in different locations at the same time.

A shelf with shampoo bottles

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One-stop provider for your entire organization

Founded in 2015, inVRsion is a virtual reality company based in Milan and New York. It provides leading CPG brands and retailers with ShelfZone®, a web-based software solution to simulate retail experiences with stunning realism through VR. It also provides an enterprise-level 3D product digitalization service, empowered and optimized by a patented system based on AI and computer vision. Both solutions are the main pillars of the v-commerce solution inVRsion is already working at.

The ultra-realism of its solutions has earned inVRsion many awards, the latest of them the Retail Institute Award in 2019.

Visit our website and book a free VR demo at Euroshop 2020. Meet us at Hall 11 – Stand E09.

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Founded in 2015, inVRsion was born from the intuition of the potential of virtual reality for retail and from the desire to take part in the innovation process of a sector which is currently going through manifold challenges.

inVRsion’s main solution, ShelfZone®, is the awarded software that enables brands and retailers to simulate stores, products and the shopping experience in hyper-realistic, immersive virtual reality.

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