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Advertising space & advertising media at the EuroShop 2020

People are confronted with numerous advertising messages in everyday life – a stimulus satiation of the finest kind. Only products that have recognition value and stand out from the crowd sell well. But what makes a product an eye-catcher – humour, creativity and unusual advertising can help. EuroShop 2020 provides inspiration for this and we have selected a few highlights.
Bild: Stand Totale mit aufgeklebten Tafelfolien; Copyright: iXtenso

Daily up to date with the Blackboard

Retailers want to inform their customers regularly about daily offers, discounts and promotions. The self-adhesive panel film from ASLAN Selbstklebefolien GmbH can be applied to smooth, solid surfaces – whether on walls and panels in the gastronomy sector, schools or offices. The surface of the film is PVC-free and can be written on as often as desired with chalk and liquid chalk. A quick and inexpensive solution for every business.

ASLAN Selbstklebefolien GmbH, Hall 1, Booth E21


Bild: Stand Totale mit faltbaren Hockern; Copyright: iXtenso

For short breaks in between: BoxSeat folding stool

Even on a shopping trip, customers want to take short breaks to relax. A room with a small corner to relax in can also provide a good advertising space – or five? The BoxSeat folding stool in the form of a cube by Dommer Stuttgarter Fahnenfabrik GmbH can be individually printed on all visible surfaces. If you want to create space in the room, you can simply fold the stool

Dommer Stuttgarter Fahnenfabrik GmbH, Hall 4, Booth A53



Bild: Bilderrahmen auf der Wand mit integrierten Displays; Copyright: iXtenso

Optically modular and changeable: Smart Display [re:frame]

Digital Signage with a difference! A smart display [re:frame] enclosed in a frame. Goods and services can be presented in high resolution, controllable via PC, smartphone or touch display. By means of the changing mechanism, the design of the frame can be changed as desired, for example for seasonal or offer-related advertising.

Iltis & Wiesel UG, Hall 1, Booth 11



Bild: Eingangsmatten mit einer stehenden Person im oberen Bereich; Copyright: iXtenso

Individuality in the entrance area: emco MAXIMUS performance inlay

Welcome customers individually – emco MAXIMUS performance inlay is the perfect design for the entrance area. The inlay can be individually printed with the company logo, absorbs fine dirt and impresses with its carpet look in high-quality velour. Visitors are offered an original “entrance view”.

emco Bautechnik GmbH, Hall 11, Booth D23




Bild: aufgeblasene Luftwerbung an einem Stand; Copyright: iXtenso

Oversized eye-catchers: inflatable advertising media

Staying in shape for a long time – whether small or large, replicas of figures or “give-aways”. Mayer Luftwerbung’s inflatable advertising media made of elastic PVC film are air-welded and manufactured by hand. Their function at the point of sale? Increase sales promotion in the supermarket or other sales rooms. Retailers can order according to their needs – there are no limits to the quantity.

Mayer Luftwerbung, Hall 3, Booth B06






Bild: Werbeplakate mit Licht hinterlegt; Copyright: iXtenso

Dynamic, simple, brilliantly bright: ambientWall

A backlit poster that attracts the attention of customers – the products appear in high resolution, clear, detailed and pixel-free, whether in the form of a large advertising wall or as a logo box. Retailers have the choice of three programming variants: Basic, Standard or Premium with interactive elements and augmented reality. The animated textile print by Licht-Konzept & Form Lichttechnische AG can be used 24 hours 7 days a week and the motifs can be exchanged. Bring your products to life in the shop window or POS!

Licht-Konzept & Form Lichttechnische AG, Hall 5, Booth G16






Bild: Tragetasche hängt über der Schulter einer Frau; Copyright: iXtenso

The bag with style: Felt optic bag London made of Non Woven PP

You want to present your company more „outside-the-company“? Then UAB BAGFACTORY has the optimal solution for you! An innovative shopping bag in felt optic. Made in Lithuania, you can have your company logo printed on both sides of the bag. The bag is not only recyclable, but also featherweight and reusable. A solution to retain potential customers!

UAB BAGFACTORY, Hall 1, Booth B14







Bild: Stand Totale wo ein Plakat mittig hochgezogen wird; Copyright: iXtenso

Alarm system and advertising in one: innovative alarm stations

Article surveillance plays a very important role in the retail industry. After all, who doesn’t want to protect their products against theft? Visuel Print AS has now come up with the innovative idea to turn article surveillance antennas at the entrances and exits of shops into advertising pillars. Retailers only have to cover the alarm posts with a printed cover. This not only looks better, but is advertising and security at the same time!

Visuel Print AS, Hall 3, Booth A93



Bild: aufgehänge Folien; Copyright: iXtenso

Advertising material from above: Ceiling hanger

Advertising that directly catches the eye and also facilitates orientation in the shop? The ceiling hangers from Vogt Foliendruck GmbH make it possible – they can be used in a variety of ways as a peistafel in the catering trade, bargain display at the POS or as a guidance system. With over 120 years of experience, Vogt Foliendruck GmbH combines tradition with modernity and offers colourful and convincing printing highlights!

Vogt Foliendruck GmbH, Hall 1, Booth A27






Bild: Armband schwebt auf einer Platte über der Theke; Copyright: iXtensoGrafity Lifter Mini

The Grafity Lifter Mini is particularly suitable for smaller sales objects. It provides an ideal sales area for jewellery and watches, as well as mobile phones and smartphones. This special counter display is particularly suitable for shop windows or as a cash desk display.

Usables GmbH, Hall 1, Booth A45








Bild: Stand beleuchtet mit Neon-Leuchtreklame; Copyright: iXtenso

Neon – the classic: Neon illuminated advertising from reklamba GmbH

One of the classics among the advertising media is certainly the neon illuminated advertising. Whether letters, lettering or entire installations – especially in dark corners and in the evening they are the focus of attention. The neon tubes are handmade by glassblowers. Each piece is unique!

reklamba GmbH, Hall 1, Booth E75




Bild: leuchtendes S; Copyright: iXtenso

Lasered neon signs

Milling letters striking and easy to maintain! Our selection of milled and lasered letters varies in materials, strengths and colours. Made of Acrylox, it is an opaque, colourfast pigmented acrylic plate.

Signnovation International Dinxperlo B.V, Hall 1, Booth C10








Bild: beleuchtete Schaukästen für Ausstellungssysteme; Copyright: iXtenso

Illuminated sales display cases as exhibition systems

System Standex produce a wide range of frames for the presentation of prints in large formats. The frames are available as wall-hanging, free-standing, or suspended from the ceiling – on one or both sides – in profile widths from 18 to 150 mm. All frames are manufactured according to the customer’s specifications. The frames are easy to collect and reuse. Brackets for shelves and screens are available as accessories.

System Standex A/S, Hall 4, Booth E61






Images: Andreas Klein; Texts: Diana Heiduk; EuroShop-Redaktion

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