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From sustainability and safety to unique 3D experiences

Image: red handbag next to EAS system; Copyright: iXtenso

Wireless signals for more security: Chirp protect Hub

Our product, Chirp-Protect, is a new and revolutionary manufactured product which provides flexible retail security to businesses of all sizes. Traditional EAS systems can be large, expensive to install and require a perimeter controlled by fixed entrance/exit points. Chirp creates its own wireless perimeter which means you can safeguard your products any time and any place.” – Anthony Golden, Sales Manager bei Distributional & Retail Solutions Ltd.

Distributional & Retail Solutions Ltd., Hall 3, Booth E90-3



Bild: T-Shirt hängt an Wand; Copyright: iXtenso

The secure 1-click purchase: intelligent self-checkout

“With rapitag, customers can pay by smartphone at any time and anywhere in the store, no cash register, terminal or staff is required. At the same time, the IoT solution offers a very high level of theft protection, because according to statistics, inventory differences increase dramatically in mobile self-checkout. This security is the difference to classic self-checkout solutions based on barcode, RFID or Camera/AI”. – Alexander Schneider, Founder & CEO, Digital Visionary, Business Strategy Expert Corporate Communication Specialist

rapitag GmbH, Hall 3, Booth E94-3






Bild: Figur hällt Tablet mit Self-Order-Terminal; Copyright: iXtenso


Worldwide unique Self-Order Terminal

A self-order terminal in the shop offers customers the opportunity to shop quickly and independently. The start-up company ideenkonstrukt UG goes one step further – its Self-Order Terminal is the world’s first 3D-printed terminal in which all functions run without sensors.

ideenkonstrukt UG, Hall 3, Booth 94-7







Bild: Bildschirm zeigt App Anwendung für papierlose Belege; Copyright: iXtenso


Digital instead of paper receipts: Smartphone-App

“warrify really believes that we don’t need a paper receipt in most cases in the 21 century. That’s why we integrate smart receipts together with retailers which enables a digital paperless shopping experience. The potential savings are es much as 300 Billion printed receipt annually. We want to gradually reduce that amount and save the precious resources.” – Enzo Duit, Co-Founder & CEO

warrify smart product assistance GmbH, Hall 3, Booth F94-6






Bild: 3D-Technologie mit VR liegt vor einem Display; Copyright: iXtenso

Diving into the world of Virtual Reality: Retail VR Platform

Improve processes in retail and drive the growth of the industry – the young company Retail VR offers a solution for this: a platform that manages 3D applications. Marketing campaigns can be carried out, retail concepts can be simulated and shopping experiences can be driven forward.

Retail VR, Hall 3, Booth 94-8




Bild: Schaubild für ein Ladenkonzept; Copyright: iXtenso

New 3D shopping experience: 3D webshop CUUUB

“CUUUB by acameo offers a variety of twin solutions for the exciting, attractive and interactive virtual curation of flagship stores, shopping malls and entire shopping districts. Our motto is “Think offline and online together”. We want to bring together stationary trade and eCommerce in worlds of experience”. – Dr. Frank Dürr is founder and managing director of acameo.

acameo, Hall 3, Booth F94-7



Bild: Einkaufstaschen hängen an einem Wandregal; Copyright: iXtenso

Intelligent shopping bag saves the environment: goodbag

Planting trees with every purchase, collecting plastic waste from the sea or receiving exclusive discounts – a motivation for every customer! The smart reusable carrier bag goodbag, which communicates contactlessly with the smartphone, makes it possible. The customer only has to scan the goodbag logo with the smartphone and can choose a way to do good.

bgood GmbH, Hall 3, Booth F94-10



Bild: Überwachungssystem Schauplan für Gebäude; Copyright: iXtenso

Real-time monitoring improves operations: SiteHero

The AI-based SiteHero software can monitor operations in real time and initiate a multi-level e-mail notification system when devices malfunction or fail. This allows for better evaluation of performance and regulation of operational irregularities. An IoT solution for constant and profitable business management.

Energybox GmbH, Hall 3, Booth F94-11




Bild: Lächelnder Mann steht vor einer Wand

Smart technology for autonomization

Automation with Smart Supply Chain technology provides a tool that accelerates and improves applications. – Johann Robette, Key Account Manager, Vekia SAS

Vekia SAS, Hall 3, Booth E94-10





Bild: zwei Männer lächelnd nebeneinander; Copyright: iXtenso

Dynamic profiling for the customer

We create dynamically analysed customer profiles to provide the perfect advice for purchasing. – Yaron Shavit – Founder & CEO – IntraPosition, Jasper Steendam – Director of Sales & Client Operations

Halla a.s., Hall 3, Booth F94-12




Images: Andreas Klein; Text: Diana Heiduk; EuroShop-Redaktion

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