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Practical, simple, indispensable – mobile devices at EuroShop 2020

Events at the POS should be fast and easy to handle, because ultimately they also contribute to customer satisfaction. In addition, shops are converted at regular intervals. Store layouts are thus given a fresh, innovative touch and customers can always go on a new journey of discovery. Mobile devices are used for all processes around the POS. They not only simplify and accelerate processes at the POS, but also conversion, inventory and warehouse work.  We are at EuroShop 2020 and have marvelled at the latest mobile devices!

Bild: Wagen aus Holz zur Präsentation von Waren; Copyright: iXtenso

Cultural spirit of time: presentation car

A presentation area on four wheels – inspired by a trip to India, the managing directors of Bambus Dreams GmbH have transformed the street scene of India into a European potential – a presentation table of a different kind. One of them is Empire. The TRAMARK buffet trolley captivates with its white presentation surface and large elegant wheels. It is especially popular at weddings, events or garden parties. The high-quality and robust mango wood top can carry loads of up to 100 kg and is also weatherproof. If guests are to be surprised with a new buffet, all they have to do is drive it into the kitchen, load it with food and drive it back to the place where it was created.

Bambus Dreams GmbH, Hall 10, Booth E49





Bild: Hemd aufgehängt an einem mobilen Dampfglätter; Copyright: iXtenso

Worn wrinkle-free – SteamOne PRO 1800, the mobile steam straightener

For all stores that want to present a perfect outfit but don’t have time to iron. STEAMONE SAS came up with an innovative idea that saves not only time but also space. The heart is a steamer that irons garments smoothly and crease-free. It is held in place by an aluminium rod attached to a brass boiler. This has four rubber wheels that can be rotated through 360 °C. This means that the steam straightener can be driven anywhere in the shop and clothes can be ironed crease-free.

STEAMONE SAS, Hall 10, Booth A46






Bild: App zur mobilen Temperaturüberwachung; Copyright: iXtenso

Well informed, even on the road, with FRIGODATA MOBILE

Especially store managers who are often on the road should be informed about processes, like temperatures, in the shop – this is the only way to avoid malfunctions and breakdowns. Wurm GmbH & Co. KG Elektronische Systeme has invented a mobile application for this purpose, which enables a connection to be established with the mobile end devices in the store via smartphone. This way, the status quo and other data can be accessed in real time and the energy balance can be evaluated while on the move.

Wurm GmbH & Co. KG Elektronische Systeme, Hall 17, Booth C59


Bild: Runde Säule als Kühlschrank mit Snickers Werbung beklebt; Copyright: iXtenso

Beverage can as a refrigerator – the party cooler

This refrigerator has a capacity of 75 litres. The special thing about it – it not only cools drinks, but is also an advertising medium. In the shape of a beverage can it attracts all eyes. Whether at events or in outdoor gastronomy – the Party Cooler is sure to increase impulse purchases at any location. The transparent lid allows a view of the inside and makes a quick refill of goods possible. LED lights create a clear view. In addition, the Party Cooler has four wheels with which it can be conveniently driven to the beverage recharging point – heavy carrying is not necessary here. A manual temperature control and a fan contribute to the even cooling.

Gastro-Cool GmbH & Co. KG, Hall 17, Booth D78





Bild: Präsentationsinsel aus Holz mit Obst gefüllt; Copyright: iXtenso

Putting goods perfectly in scene – the mobile presentation island

Promotions or actions, flowers or fresh fruit – the presentation island of Pack’nlog GmbH is perfectly and flexibly applicable for any kind of product presentation. It can be individually printed, is quickly assembled and has optional attachments. No matter whether in standard or special design – the mobile presentation island offers orientation and strengthens sales promotion.

Pack’nlog GmbH, Hall 3, Booth C20



Bild: Visualisierung eines Shop-Designs; Copyright: iXtenso

Shop layout at the touch of a button: digital shop-in-shop planning at the POS

Configure and visualise shops at the touch of a button – if a conversion is imminent and the shop layout needs to be replanned, Roomle GmbH’s digital shop-in-shop planning at the POS offers the optimal solution. Thanks to the modular planning catalogue and the configurable AR products, shop systems can be duplicated and sent to other shops globally and mobile – for wholesalers a suitable sales promotion, for retail brands a profit through the global roll-out of the newly created shop system.

Roomle GmbH, Hall 3, Booth H81

Bild: mobiler Arbeitsplatz mit Handheld Computern; Copyright: iXtenso

Fast and independent – Mobile Workstation MAX

A workstation that does not need electricity, can record data flexibly and is best suited for mobile working during inventory – the mobile workstation MAX makes it possible. It is height-adjustable and can therefore be easily adapted to the needs of the worker. Thanks to its four wheels it is mobile and can be placed where goods are delivered or taken out. This not only saves PC space, but also travel time.

ACD Elektronik GmbH, Hall 6, Booth C50



Bild: zwei mobile Drucker; Copyright: iXtenso

Print on the move – the mobile printer

Compact, mobile and small – the receipt and label printers from Star Micronics EMEA simplify and accelerate processes at the POS and in the logistics area. The mobile printer can be connected to several Apple iOS devices and creates receipts and reports within seconds with a click and on site. They are belt portable, rechargeable via USB and have a battery life of 13 to 41 hours.

Star Micronics EMEA, Hall 6, Booth E41







Bild: App zur mobilen Temperaturüberwachung; Copyright: iXtenso

Robust in balance – mobile scale GP1PLUS – mobile scale

Some foods are sold by the kilo. An exact measurement of the weight is necessary to determine the purchase price in concrete terms. Helmac s.r.l. Retail Scales & Food Equipments offers retailers a mobile stainless steel scale. Powered by a mobile battery, it is ideal for flexible sales stands. The waterproof keyboard and thermal printer for receipts make it an indispensable part of the grocery store!

Helmac s.r.l. Retail Scales & Food Equipments, Hall 7, Booth A33



Images: Andres Klein, Texts: Diana Heiduk, EuroShop-Redaktion

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