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Materials at EuroShop 2020

Materials speak their own language – rough or smooth, natural or artificial, fragile or robust – they give rooms a special atmosphere and affect the mood of the people who enter the room. The source of inspiration is often the multi-faceted nature. But acoustics are also decisive for the effect of a room – materials can have a sound-absorbing effect and thus create harmony. We will see some of the many material possibilities at EuroShop 2020.

Bild: Wandverkleidungen aus Holz; Copyright: iXtenso

A reflection of nature – REALwood wood-based materials

Whether flooring or interior design – the Salzburg-based company M-Kaindl OG knows what matters. The unique furniture and shop fittings are a reflection of nature – authentic and yet complete in their imperfection. Furniture and shop fittings have natural wood structures. Retailers who value sustainability are well served by REALwood from M. Kaindl OG.

M. Kaindl OG, Hall 11, Booth A24



Bild: Mann hält zwei Fliesen in den Händen; Copyright: iXtenso

Cork look for the floor – DryTile

A floor tile coated with cork can not only be laid 8 times faster than conventional floor coverings, but is also immediately walkable and sound-insulating. It is: DryTile from Agrob Buchtal GmbH. Completely decomposable without any residues, it saves a lot of time during rebuilding and new construction. A tile that is ideally suited for shop fitting, gastronomy, hotel business and shopping centres.

Agrob Buchtal GmbH, Hall 12, Booth E65



Bild: Raumteiler aus Papier für mobile Messestände; Copyright: iXtensoPaper in a new dimension – room dividers
On a trade fair stand, for the office or the conference room – the paper architecture of Matrix Systems GmbH scores with lightness and elegance. The room divider is easy to assemble, self-standing and one to two metres high. In large and small rooms it offers ideal light diffusion due to its composition.

Matrix Systems GmbH, Hall 4, Booth B53








Bild: Stand mit Wandfliesen aus Beton und Metall mit Glas-Optik; Copyright: iXtenso

Fragile yet robust – Glass Vibe

Unprecedented depth, transparent and yet matt, fragile and yet robust – these are the contradictory properties that characterise glass. The Italian company Ceramiche Refin has developed the Ceramica Vetri series, which will be presented at EuroShop 2020. The glossy surface of the tiles reflects light and lets rooms shine in their brightness. Each individual tile is made of porcelain stoneware combined with the emotional power of glass. They lend a special charm to kitchens, bathrooms and living rooms; they also offer business premises a “clear view”.

Ceramiche Refin, Hall 10, Booth G60

Bild: Mann steht lächelnd neben Computer; Copyright: iXtenso

Clear and bright – Visual Merchandising & Shop Decoration with crystal glass

Who would not like to present their products professionally? An exclusive decoration made of crystal glass, which conjures up plays of light on the wall and gives products accents, attracts customers effectively. Schöbel crystal glass offers two possibilities: the smooth version, with strong light refracting properties, and the matt version, which provides pleasant and warm light. Whether crystal glass curtains or individual objects – the products of Schöbel Kristallglas GmbH provide a feel-good atmosphere and relaxation – in every hotel and restaurant, every bar and at the POS.

Schöbel Kristallglas GmbH, Hall 10, Booth A28

Bild: Stoffrollen hängen von der Decke an einem Stand; Copyright: iXtenso

When materials set the tone – versatile acoustic materials

Whether while shopping or having a cosy dinner – customers are often negatively surprised by the reverberation in the room. The reason: the walls are made of glass, concrete or steel. Delius GmbH & Co.KG presents solutions for this at the EuroShop 2020. Curtains, drapes, room dividers or wall coverings made of textiles absorb the sound. Thus they give customers and employees exactly what they need – a quiet atmosphere for conversations and more enjoyment for leisure.

Delius GmbH, Hall 11, Booth B03



Bild: zwei Ringe hängen vor beleuchtetet Wand; Copyright: iXtenso

Timeless light structures: DECOLUX

Well-known architects, lighting and store designers recommend ETTLIN’s energy-saving technical textiles for three-dimensional lighting effects. Three textiles are available, each unique in its material properties – one of them is DECOLUX. The decorative surface with a pleasant feel in the colours black & white is an eye-catcher for every office and retail design.

Ettlin Spinnerei und Weberei Produktions GmbH & Co. KG, Hall 9, Booth B52







Bild: verschiedene Wandverkleidungen hängen hintereinander; Copyright: iXtenso

Bricks in focus – BRICK building material

Materials that offer versatile design possibilities? These are exactly what interior designers and designers want to access. Brick is one of their favourite building materials. The company Panespol Systems de Alcoy S.L. offers numerous brick variants with its PANESPOL BRICKS series: While “Urban Brick” stands out for its extravagance, “Country Brick” gives the room a casual atmosphere. “Rustic Brick” is characterised by its rusticity and “Espiga” gives a harmonious flair with its sloping bricks. A welcome option for interior design in the retail sector.

Panespol Systems de Alcoy S.L., Hall 11, Booth B63


Bild Polycarbonatwaben in verschiedenen Farben; Copyright: iXtenso

For more protection – polycarbonate honeycomb

For indoor and outdoor use, for panel manufacturers or LED lights – the polycarbonate honeycomb Tubus Bauer GmbH can be used in many different ways. It has a high UV resistance, a very high clarity and impact resistance – a multi-cell solution with high design effect.

Tubus Bauer GmbH, Hall 15, Booth C21




Bild: verschiedene Wandverkleidungen in Brauntönen; Copyright: iXtenso

Poetry for the senses – Chameleon Beads

Walls that fascinate – Ulrich Welter is guided by his feeling for surfaces. His inspiration for Chameleon Beads were literally chameleons, which can change colour within minutes depending on their mood. This colour spectacle is also reflected in the wall cladding Chameleon Beads. Depending on the viewpoint of the viewer, the wall cladding changes its color. It is made of a glass ball and an aluminium support.

Welter Manufaktur für Wandunikate Ulrich Welter, Hall 11, Booth D86



Bild: Akustikelemente und Architekturpanele; Copyright: iXtenso

Translucent architectural panels

The range includes highly stable lightweight panels with various cores and face sheets as well as translucent architectural plastic panels. The high-quality panels are manufactured in the 3,000 m2 production facility with state-of-the-art equipment and distributed worldwide.

Design Composite GmbH, Hall 11, Booth B01








Bild: Oberflächen aus TecnoGlas; Copyright: iXtenso

Scratch-resistant and easy to clean – TecnoGlas decors

Furniture made of modern, design-oriented and easy-care materials – the best way to showcase products for every living area and retail business. TZ Tischlerzentrum Ges GmbH is an international company that produces materials of high quality. An in-house series are TecoGlas decors. Scratch-resistant, resistant to cleaning agents containing alcohol, glossy or matt – various colours, surfaces and structures offer a wide range of possible applications!

TZ Tischlerzentrum Ges mbH, Hall 11, Booth B07



Images: Andreas Klein; Texts: Diana Heiduk, EuroShop editorial team

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