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Exhibition construction with zero waste – Bastian König, International Sales Manager at Aluvision strives to implement this concept. The company aims to make this a reality and produces systems for the exhibit and event industry that are durable, versatile and reusable.

Man and woman in interview at EuroShop 2020; copyright: beta-web GmbH/Klein

Bastian König in dialogue with the EuroShop team at EuroShop 2020 // ©beta-web GmbH/Klein

What are the latest trends in expo and event marketing?

We have noticed an increased use of fabrics in recent years. Customers rarely want to see the actual frame systems. They prefer it if everything can be concealed and hidden, and ideally in a quick and easy manner. We’ve also seen a growing market trend that spurs LED and multimedia usage. Vivid images and videos have become important components. Designers can seamlessly integrate LED panels into the frame walls. You can also use cubes to share content on all faces. When you walk through the exhibition halls, you will notice a larger number of multimedia displays that feature LED panels.

How important is sustainability for exhibitors?

Sustainability continues to be a key aspect that’s being addressed at trade shows. There is a growing demand for sustainable products as especially large companies are committed to reducing their carbon footprint. The aim is to address key questions like how trade show booths are being built today. What materials are used for the floor and construction? Can I reuse the structure or do these materials potentially produce hazardous or toxic waste? A few years ago, none of this was an issue but companies today cannot afford to use anything that doesn’t match the corporate philosophy they communicate to the outside world. We also take sustainability seriously. Our frame systems have been around since 2004. Clients who purchased our systems that year typically still use them today. We make flexible systems, allowing the construction of a different trade show booth using the same material each year.

Looking back at EuroShop 2020, what were some things you noticed and what do you expect from the industry sector in the future?

We observed that many trade show booth and display builders work extensively with wood and often use complicated solutions that could be much easier implemented. Trade fairs feature a barrage of wooden constructs, and all of it is thrown away after the show is over. If you walk through the exhibition halls after the trade fair, you will notice an exuberant amount of garbage and waste. This is no longer compatible with today’s sustainability mindset. We strive to offer our Aluvision customers a wide range of sustainable products. We want to inspire with sustainable concepts.

Interview: Inga Kuhlow
EuroShop editorial team

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