“The Path”: An interactive installation that evokes co-creation at a trade fair
8. April 2020 | Exhibitor´s Corner, Expo & Event Marketing, News

In today’s trade fairs it is quite a challenge for a brand to exhibit its products and convey its message in a creative and memorable way. Architects Nail Egemen Yerce and Ayça Taylan from Istanbul based studios, Yerce Architecture and ZAAS, designed this surprising installation for a Turkish carpet manufacturing company. Inspired by multi-colored fibers used in carpet weaving, they created a game where the visitors, by using colorful balls representing threads and knots, become the subjects who produce a carpet.

A trade fair stand with an installation of a long and winded red tube

© Yerce Art Photography – Emin Emrah Yerce

The installation acts as a communicator between the carpet manufacturing company and the visitors by involving the visitors in a game where they experience the co-creation of a carpet. Co-creation is indeed an important aspect of the actual manufacturing process in which the brand perception is desired to be built upon.

The game which contains a layer of vivacious intricacy is easy to be engaged in. It is primarily composed of two brightly colored metal tracks that are constructed in an intertwining manner and hung from the ceiling. The visitors, by selecting a ball in the color of their choice become the participants of an interactive game. The balls then travel through the curvy route of the carefully calibrated, slightly inclined track of the pipes until they finally reach the end, where they find their way into an empty hole to sit in. Sharp, metallic sounds created as balls roll inside the tracks and fall onto the base platform suggest a curious collaboration between motion and sound and invite visitors to join the game.

Many colored small balls at a wall

© Yerce Art Photography – Emin Emrah Yerce

When all the holes on the floor of the installation have a ball placed in them “in a magically probabilistic way” says Nail Egemen Yerce, founder of Yerce Architecture, “an abstract rug is created.” Once all the holes have been filled in, this interactive game is repeatable and the end product of each completed game is unique.

Another noteworthy aspect of this intricate structure is that the tracks have been optimized to be built on different combinations of only three modules. Behind this modular logic lies the practicality of being mountable in the two day period before the trade fair.

The intertwining composition of the tracks under effective lighting becomes a dramatic visual and sonic sculpture. In the intense environment of a trade fair, such an unexpected encounter evokes the curiosity of visitors offering them an enjoyable and engaging break time as they participate in this co-creation game.

Source: Yerce Architecture & ZAAS

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