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May 2018 marked the kickoff of the Magazine that features the entire EuroShop product portfolio. The team that rallies around Elke Moebius, Dirk Diepenseifen, and Dr. Cornelia Jokisch created EuroShop.mag as a one-stop platform that provides access to the latest insights, trends, and developments of EuroShop’s Eight Dimensions. Within these two short years, EuroShop.mag has established itself as THE meeting point and go-to source for anyone interested in the retail and expo industries.

Thanks to its wide range of topics, EuroShop.mag attracts exhibitors, visitors, trade fair staff, and those interested in the industry in equal measure. It delivers facts, news, stories, and trends of the global retail and exhibition industries in German and English. “We focus on the big EuroShop topics,” explains Dirk Diepenseifen, Head of Conceptual Design and Creative Director, who is responsible for the EuroShop.mag structure, brand, development, and marketing. Readers can turn to the Instore, Marketing, Technology and Expo categories to delve into EuroShop’s Eight Dimensions: Retail Marketing, Expo & Event Marketing, Retail Technology, Lighting, Visual Merchandising, Shop Fitting & Store Design, Food Service Equipment and Refrigeration & Energy Management.

EuroShop.mag is a one-stop knowledge source

Diepenseifen draws a positive conclusion: “The response from our community has been consistently positive. The project has garnered a lot of international market attention. Our .mag paves the way for exciting collaborations, especially when it comes to cutting-edge sectors of the future.” So far, over 1400 industry-related articles have been published – which comes to around 60 articles a month. The team has created special formats, stepped in front of the camera and interviewed many global industry giants – always pursuing the same mission of capturing the latest and freshest insights and delivering them to the community.

Dirk Diepenseifen from EuroShop.mag team and Ernst Schäffler, General Manager at Amazon's logistics center in Mönchengladbach, Germany

Dirk Diepenseifen from Messe Düsseldorf with General Manager Ernst Schäffler from Amazon’s logistics center in Mönchengladbach, Germany. © Messe Düsseldorf

Dr. Cornelia Jokisch, editorial manager of the EuroShop.mag team underscores: “Our primary goal is and has always been to combine information, infotainment, and entertainment – always focusing on the retail and exhibition industries. Our .mag team is very committed and passionate about our mission and vision, which is reflected in the themes and articles. It’s all about creating an interesting mix.” That is why EuroShop.mag offers a unique range of formats, including “Visions of Retail” with forward-looking contributions by industry professionals, scientists, and opinion leaders like Prof. Dr. Helmut Merkel, Prof. Sabine Benoit, Michael Mette, Adel Al Saleh and many more. “Shopping Today” examines consumer shopping behavior and studies different perspectives – also on a global level. “Next to images and articles, we also focus on video footage. For example, we were the first film crew allowed to go behind the scenes at the Amazon Logistics Center in Mönchengladbach and share two video reports with the EuroShop community,” says Jokisch.

Dr. Cornelia Jokisch form EuroShop.mag team and Daniel Kranz from IBM Germany

Dr. Cornelia Jokisch and Daniel Kranz from IBM Germany. © Messe Düsseldorf

The EuroShop.mag team created the “Young Professionals” category to spotlight the diversity in the professional world of retail. Running the gamut from training and continuing education opportunities to interviews with retail’s shooting stars and career changers – career paths in the retail field are as diverse and exciting as the topics in the retail sector.

Another feature that makes .mag stand out: Topics and articles also take the perspective of end consumers into consideration. Think ‘entertainment’: “While the trade shows target specific products and are aimed at trade experts, the retail industry is very centered on the end consumer. Everybody shops! That is why we address many consumer topics and issues. More than any other trade fair publication, our Magazine is a source that also references everyday life and answers,” explains Diepenseifen.

Here is just one of many examples: Our pedestrian survey about underrated target audiences in downtown Düsseldorf …

EuroShop.mag team around the world

The EuroShop.mag team is also hard at work around the world and provides regular live reports from EuroShop powered trade fairs such as C-star or the In-store Asia trade fair. “Chapter China” and “Chapter India” provide powerful insights into Asia’s retail landscape. The emphasis here is not just on business networking, but also reflects a transfer mindset: What does the local market development look like? Which innovations might be a conceivable option for the European market?

Blond woman with microphone left), man in suit (right) shows both thumbs; copyright: Messe Düsseldorf

Elke Moebius met IFES Vice President Torsten Heinze at the K trade fair („International Federation of Exhibition and Event Services ASBL)“ for an interview. © Messe Düsseldorf

To be able to answer these questions, the team also strives to get first-hand insights. For the past two years, Elke Moebius, Global Head of Retail / Retail Technologies, and Dirk Diepenseifen have been at the fore to deliver daily reports on the partner trade fairs in Shanghai and Mumbai and networked on-site. Moebius explains: “We created the .mag platform for the global EuroShop community to facilitate networking and knowledge sharing. We are so proud of all our members because .mag thrives on idea sharing and community. We believe it is crucial to create community-driven content, which is why we welcome any kind of input, suggestions, or ideas. All community members can and should be involved in discussions.”

Highlights of the C-star 2019, captured by Dirk Diepenseifen and Elke Moebius, can be found here.

EuroShop 3|6|5 – making the switch from “This is you” to “Your community mag”

Over the past two years, the EuroShop team has put its heart and soul into EuroShop.mag, which is driven by its unique community. Moebius, Diepenseifen, Jokisch and their team have taken their passion to the next level and enhanced the platform:
EuroShop.mag – This is you is making the switch and relaunches as EuroShop 3|6|5 – Your community mag.

Why 3|6|5? EuroShop.mag puts its community first at any time, all year round – 24/7/365. That’s because the .mag is “always on”.

3|6|5 also reflects the international nature of .mag and its community:

  • 3 cities – Düsseldorf, Shanghai, Mumbai – where the community comes together.
  • 6 continents – Europe, North America, Latin America, Asia, Australia & Oceania, Africa – where the community benefits from the EuroShop family.
  • 5 components – EuroShop, EuroCIS, C-star, In-Store Asia, EuroShop Trade Fairs League – that make up the EuroShop trade fair family.

EuroShop.mag – #bepartofit!

Be part of the community and download the new logo:

EuroShop.mag Logokit 2020

EuroShop.mag – #bettertogether

What are topics that interest you? Do you want to read more about specific topics in the future? Send us an email with your suggestions and ideas to redaktion@euroshop.de

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