‘HELLO. CANNOT.’ – from safety instruction to mostly know social distancing catchphrase
30. July 2020 | News, Retail Marketing, Retail News

Cinema company GSC creates most used Corona slogan in Malaysia

The effects of the Corona pandemic hit retail and industry hard, but above all the events industry. But the crisis has one positive side effect. It is releasing undreamt-of creative processes. And there are countless stories: Textile companies producing face masks, distillers switching to disinfectants and a cinema that makes a virtue of necessity.

Facebook Screenshot GSC Merchandise

Golden Screen Cinemas (GSC) from Malaysia wrote one of these stories – or rather, the most famous slogan for ‘No, it’s prohibited!’. On 7th July the biggest Malaysian cinema company opened its doors after months of lockdown. Since GSC also must comply with distance rules, the cinema chain established the slogan ‘HELLO. CANNOT.’, because cinema-goers wanted to know if couples or good friends can sit next to each other in the cinema.

‘HELLO. CANNOT.’ is now commonly used for ‘No, it’s prohibited’ and has proven to be so catchy that GSC has started selling their in-house shirts with the tagline that were partly sold out within hours after release.

WEAR MASK. Watch safely

Emphasizing the importance of donning a mask, a team of GSC members shot a skit, dressed up like zombies wearing face masks and is at the same time a creative marketing strategy to attract customers to watch the movie ‘Train to Busan’ – a South Korean zombie action-horror – in GSC cinemas.


Social media users commented: “Even Zombies are scared of the Covid-19 pandemic” while another user said: “You never fail to make me laugh, wish I can meet the GSC [Facebook] admin.”

Oh, if only to be a social media manager at GSC!

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