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V-connect: EuroCIS and its new digital services build “nonstop presence”

by Julia Pott (exclusively for EuroShop.mag)

EuroCIS 2021 – the leading retail technology trade fair in Europe showcasing solutions and innovations for smart stores and smart retail will take place from March 16 to 18, 2021. And this time, the event comes to life in both in-person and digital format. Thanks to EuroCIS Virtual Connect (or V-connect), all members of the EuroCIS community can now connect virtually – 365 days a year!

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“As a trade fair for technology and digital solutions, it makes sense to complement our services with a virtual, year-round interaction platform. Direct interactions and in-person experiences are indispensable, but an online presence with all its possibilities is just as important,” Elke Moebius, Project Director Retail & Retail Technology at Messe Düsseldorf, describes the new online option.

Live Show, V-connect, EuroShop.mag: your 365 community

Visitors and exhibitors of the EuroCIS live event are already familiar with digital services such as the EuroCIS app, Scan2Lead, and the popular Matchmaking Tool. These are now joined by new, year-round options: exhibitors have the chance to use multimedia to draw attention. Visitors and exhibitors can connect online and share knowledge and ideas about the industry.

This virtual space that helps all EuroCIS community members to connect not just during trade fair events but 365 days a year, is called EuroCIS Virtual Connect, or V-connect. Presentation, networking, and know-how transfer – the new interactive world of the leading retail technology trade fair with its services provides the ideal stage to make this a reality.

EuroCIS is an essential component of the EuroShop community which is all about the connection of its members. EuroShop 3|6|5 – Your Community mag, the communications platform that provides access to the latest industry news, trends, and insights has established itself as the meeting point and go-to source for anyone interested in the retail and expo industries. The EuroCIS community can find all relevant information plus multifaceted, target group-specific opportunities for participation in the “Retail Technology” section.

This triad made up of the physical trade fair, its virtual extension, and the EuroShop.mag online magazine makes EuroCIS the gateway for interesting collaborations that affect emerging themes that shape the future with global reach.

Live expo, networking, knowledge transfer

V-connect offers exhibitors digital presentation formats and boosts networking and lasting professional connections.

The best place for companies: the exhibition space

The exhibition space gives exhibitors the opportunity to showcase their highlights and solutions to their audience in a virtual showroom. Complementing the physical trade show booth, this creates a digital brand experience platform that is time and location independent.

  • Branding

The Online Showroom allows exhibitors to leverage a wide variety of tools including company profiles, product presentations, videos, brochures, Matchmaking, and virtual meetings, all designed to showcase your brand’s strengths to the community.

  • Omnipresence
Logo und Branding der EuroCIS V-Connect

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The showroom in the exhibition space gives exhibitors a permanent presence. Thanks to V-connect, they stay connected with a highly qualified, international community 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year.

This service is more than just an ideal platform to present yourself at digital and in-person events on the days of the trade fair. “There is no question that trade fairs are vital hubs for industries. The exciting aspect is that we are now expanding their reach to include the virtual sphere which facilitates direct and professional connections even in times between the trade shows,” says Elke Moebius.

  • Interaction

Web sessions are a live and interactive way for exhibitors to engage and involve their audience. They can live stream their presentation at a scheduled time, allowing the active participation of viewers via a chat system. The video stream is saved and made permanently available for interested trade fair visitors to enjoy.

And that’s the secret to effective exhibiting and networking in the 21st century!

More leads for your business in the networking plaza

Generating valuable leads and networking with professionals – two of the major goals of a live event. Digital matchmaking services make this process easier for visitors and EuroCIS exhibitors. The matchmaking app allows both parties to communicate in real time and schedule appointments, while an intelligent algorithm learns to make better contact suggestions. Thanks to the new “Virtual Meeting Room” and by using social media channels and groups, the EuroCIS community taps into the vast potential of industry connections – true to the slogan “business around the world & around the clock”.

Live on site, live online: the Conference Area

EuroCIS, or the Retail Technology area at EuroShop, has a history spanning decades. The industry is characterized by a great deal of know-how, experience and inventiveness. It is therefore not surprising that EuroCIS offers an ideal platform for exchanging such knowledge and ideas.

The Stages at the shows with their top speakers and current topics are well known. The stages at the real EuroCIS are reflected in the virtual EuroCIS in the Conference Area. Lectures that take place at the expo are streamed live and are also available after the show. In addition, there is the possibility to participate in events of Messe Düsseldorf between the live trade fairs in order to stay present in the EuroCIS community throughout the year.

EuroCIS 2021 goes hybrid

What exactly will the hybrid EuroCIS and its services look like? Our presentation will give you a first impression:

Logo und Branding der EuroCIS V-Connect

© Messe Düsseldorf

Take advantage of the many possibilities to boost the presence of your company and register as an exhibitor for EuroCIS from March 16 through March 18, 2021, and enjoy our new V-connect services.

The age of hybrid trade fairs is dawning. We set the stage, live in Düsseldorf. It’s your time to shine: Anytime & anywhere – smart & connected!

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