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Indian fashion retailer Pantaloons has introduced a new store concept at various locations over the past year to offer an experience to its clientele – including Mumbai, Bangalore, Lucknow and Delhi.

Said to be India’s fastest growing retailer, it was named “India’s Most Trusted Apparel Retail Brand” in the Brand Equity Survey 2014/15. The label opens a new store every fortnight and currently operates 78 stores in India. The range includes casual wear, ethnic wear, formal wear, party wear and active wear for women, men and children, but focuses on women’s collections and accessories. In addition to 24 own brands, the retailer sells 200 international brands. Pantaloons developed its new interior together with the London-based creative agency Dalziel & Pow.

Pantaloons’ goal is to reposition itself as a “modern style partner” and to conquer the top in terms of “trends”. The new store concept is intended to reflect the brand’s new attitude and give Pantaloons its own voice. As such, Dalziel & Pow has created a modern, inviting ambience with local touches.

A flexible interior allows the fashion company to continuously change in order to always stage novelties. In this way, the shopfitting serves as a stage for trends. Visual merchandising plays an important role in the new concept. Customers are informed about new products in a playful way, and the decorative design is also intended to inspire. The focus is also on garments for special occasions.


Digital shop window

The digital shop window is designed to encourage customers to enter the store. The content can be updated quickly, e.g. to present new products. Pantaloons also uses the digital shop window to communicate local information, e.g. upcoming festivals in the respective city.

The layout of the store is designed to intuitively guide customers through the different departments. The use of different colours and materials is emphasised. With a colourful design, Pantaloons wants to visually stand out from the competition. Colourful ceiling sails, wooden slats and striking light installations make the ceiling an eye-catcher.

Other special features of the store include changing cubicles equipped with sensor fields: When customers enter the field, the lighting of the centrally positioned game is activated. In the children’s clothing department, a ceiling sail or display in hot air balloon design attracts the attention of the little ones. Brand new are the cosmetics and lifestyle departments, which are also visually highlighted.

Source: www.stores-shops.de

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