Sweet and enticing: honey for your customer loyalty
19. August 2021 | Retail Marketing, Retail News

How do I tie customers to my brand with loyalty programs?

Keeping customers loyal is by no means easy, but it pays off. Investing in customer loyalty programs is a factor in long-term business success, helping to strengthen the brand and get to know your own customers better.

Loyalty programs are a valuable part of a elaborate marketing strategy because they do something extraordinary: they serve and generate customer demand in equal measure. On the one hand, customers have the feeling that they regularly benefit from added values. On the other hand, a drive is generated to use the benefits and the retailer’s offer repeatedly.

Webtalk “retail salsa” on 2021/12/08

How do I set up a successful loyalty program? Which investments do I need and what return can I expect? On December 8th, 2021, we want to discuss a well-tailored customer loyalty strategy with industry insiders and experts. And you’ll be there!

Register now at www.retail-salsa.com.

Questions as sweet as sugar for winning long-term customers:

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  • Digital or analog? Do customers use cards or apps?
  • Which customer types can actually be retained by means of loyalty programs?
  • Can loyalty programs be combined with other services and offers?
  • Which solutions are really effective? Reward programs, discounts, couponing systems?
  • What role does location-based marketing play?
  • How much effort is involved in implementing a loyalty program?
  • How well can retailers measure success?

Be there and join our discussion!

The webtalk presumably takes place in German. (Subject to changes.)

Register now at www.retail-salsa.com.

Participation is free of charge

Do you have specific questions on loyalty programs or customer retention strategies? Feel free to send them in advance to redaktion@euroshop.de. We will find answers in a talk with our experts.

Your hosts

retail salsa – Spice up your Community” is the virtual webtalk that brings retailers, suppliers and independent experts together to talk about components of a successful customer journey. We don’t make a secret of the ideal mix, but share insights and experiences. retail salsa is hosted by iXtenso – Magazine for Retailers and EuroShop – The world’s no.1 retail trade fair.


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