16. March 2022 | Chapter China, Shop Fitting, Store Design & Visual Merchandising, Visuals

So much more than just a car showroom: The Audi House of Progress in Shanghai

by Katja Laska (exclusivly for EuroShop.mag)

Since the invention of the first automobile in the last two decades of the 19th century, buying a car hasn’t changed all that much: Customers visit the car dealership, check out the different models, receive consultation, and purchase a car. Sascha Scholz, Head of Marketing and Public Relations SAIC Audi says this classic sales model will probably never disappear as a strategy.

However, the recent joint venture between SAIC and Audi takes the idea to a whole new level in Shanghai. The two teamed up to launch the Audi House of Progress in Shanghai to move away from a mere physical retail presence with parked cars in front of the dealership. Instead, they have created an innovative brand experience center that spans two floors and a total of 2,400 square meters (just under 26,000 square feet).

Using our images, Scholz explains how consumers can try out the vehicles interactively in the new showroom, explains why China craves more than just a car showroom, and reveals how consumers get a first-hand experience of the unique human-centricity strategy at Audi in every element.



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