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“Small, compact and always handy” – All about the benefits of mobile printers

By Julia Pott (a EuroCIS.mag exclusive)

Many retailers print labels for merchandise every day. Incorrect or error-prone devices can cause a lot of trouble and take away valuable time. Brother features the latest technologies and custom solutions and has the right printer for every company to tackle any task.

In this interview, Anne Staer Möller, Product Manager Labelling Solutions at Brother International GmbH, describes the requirements mobile printers must meet in the retail environment and reveals why Brother products are so unique.

Ms. Staer Möller, what requirements must mobile printers meet to suit the retail environment?

Smiling woman with long blonde hair - Anne Staer Möller; Copyright: Brother

Anne Staer Möller // © Brother

Anne Staer Möller: It varies by store and can depend on the type of ERP system retailers use. A company’s centralized or decentralized organizational structure likewise affects decision making and price reductions. The choice of printer also hinges on the information that’s needed on the labels and receipts. Printing solutions must be robust and tough enough to survive several falls a day without breaking. Unlike warehouse labeling, labeling onsite generally also increases efficiency and reduces waste. Another key requirement is a stable and reliable Wi-Fi connection and ease of use. It should not take too much time to train new hires on a system or technology. Finally, a speedy and error-free process is critical in the retail environment as it allows employees to engage more with customers.

How do your products meet these requirements?

We have an extensive range of mobile (portable) printers and continue to develop innovative, modern products to always keep up with the latest technology. Our solutions also feature Bluetooth 5.0 and AirPrint technology to ensure a fast, reliable connection, which means the printers can be easily connected to MDC devices and apps on smartphones and tablets to print labels and receipts. Our mobile printers are all equipped with direct thermal technology, meaning they only need thermal media to achieve excellent, reliable results.

All Brother mobile printers feature a compact or LED display to facilitate a user-friendly interface. They are also very robust and rugged. Some of our models can even survive falls of up to 2.5 m without incurring any serious damage. Most models have an IP54 rating and are protected against moisture and dust. Batteries that last a full-day shift and printers that are easy to charge in charging stations are must haves for retailers.

That being said, Brother usually emphasizes a solution-oriented versus a product-oriented approach. That means we prefer to listen to our customers and consider their needs. We team up with our respective retailers to customize the solution to help their employees work more efficiently. We aim to create a solution that combines printer, consumables, and accessories and integrate it into one system.

What are the benefits of thermal printing?

Woman with Brother printer in hand; Copyright: Brother

© Brother

Direct thermal printing is used to print a special type of heat-sensitive material. Heat colors the paper, which means you don’t need ink or toner. It also means no downtime due to empty cartridges or ribbon changes. It is a very reliable printing technology: the devices can withstand tough environments and vibrations whilst the print quality stays sharp.

How lightweight is your lightest mobile printer?

The mobile printers of our RJ series are palm-sized, which makes them ideal for portable use. They are small, compact, and always handy. Our most lightweight devices only weigh 215 g and come with a belt clip to attach them to your pants, allowing employees to print labels and receipts anytime, anywhere.

What can you print with mobile printers?

You can print receipts and labels up to 4 inches with ease. The portable printers come in 2-, 3-, and 4-inch sizes, with the respective size indicating the maximum label width you can print. The widest format models support a 114 media width. Several models also support linerless labels. The latter are on a roll and don’t have a liner or backing paper, which also helps in reducing the environmental impact of waste.

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