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Why the use of Electronic Shelf Labels can pay off

Review of the Webtalk retail salsa

On 05/18/2022 it was time again: The webtalk format of iXtenso and EuroShop went into the next round! Despite the small ingredient ESL, the new “retail salsa” showed what an all-rounder electronic price labels can be when it comes to use in bricks-and-mortar retail. The result: There is great potential here with a long-term effect for retailers!

Customer loyalty, service, assortment and product planning, stock management – all these items are courses that appear on the menu of an optimal customer journey. If retailers taste them well, their customers will be satisfied and the customer experience will be complete.

Laptop screen with the retail salsa talk; copyright: beta-web GmbH/iXtenso

Moderator Ben Giese (left) in discussion with Roy Horgan during the webtalk “retail salsa” // © iXtenso/beta-web GmbH

Our industry expert Roy Horgan, Group Chief Marketing Officer at SES-imagotag told us how exactly the same ingredient-electronic price labels-gives all these courses the necessary yet individual zing, because they are versatile.

In the talk, we asked Roy why ESL in particular is the right ingredient to add the right spice to the customer journey?

Here are some excerpts from his recipe for success “ESL”:

“ESL can not only tell you a lot about products. They are overall very adaptable and able to provide the retailer with even more information around what’s going on in the store.”


“Thanks to modern sensor and camera technology connected to the shelves and labels, retailers can directly and constantly observe what is happening on and around the shelves. This, coupled with appropriate analytics solutions, offers opportunities to optimize stock management, customer service, and assortment planning. ”

He also sees the future of digitization in bricks-and-mortar retail in this approach:

“It is important to create a functioning infrastructure between coupled devices in the store and the cloud, where everything comes together. This must be easy to implement and operate, and at the same time deliver fast and reliable results about customer and shopping behavior. This is the best way for retailers to get an overview of their stock management.”

In the Talk he told us how exactly this is feasible, why not only electronic but intelligent price labels can be the future and how the Captana solution can help in preparing an optimal Customer Journey.

Want to know even more and find out exactly how you can whet the customer’s appetite for more thanks to digital price tags? You want to get all the important insights served step by step to create your own recipe for success? Click here to watch the on-demand video!

On retail-salsa.de/en you will not only find all previous webtalks as a spicy on-demand offer, but of course also the many palate-pleasing topics that we have planned for this year. Enjoy your meal!

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