H&M Group explores tech-enabled shopping experiences in US stores
13. June 2022 | News, Retail Technology, Shopping Today

In building more relevant and meaningful relationships with its customers, the H&M group is now launching a new in-store shopping experience enabled by technology, in the United States

The entire retail experience is rapidly changing and we all see increasing customer expectations for broad choice and exceptional convenience. Customers expect retail experiences that are smooth, creative and fun while also catering to their individual, unique style. That is why H&M Group continues to challenge itself and explores new ideas, to create true customer value and drive change.

H&M Group is now rolling out a pilot in COS stores, US, where tech-enabled in-store shopping solutions provide visitors with seamless payment options, personalised styling recommendations, faster checkout, and upgraded delivery/return options. Our goal is, and has always been, to build valuable connections and exciting pathways that deepen relationships with our customers. This is one example of H&M Group’s ambition to pilot new technologies that meet customers’ demands.

Request items through the smart mirror; Copyright: H&M Group

The smart mirror allows customers to request items without having to leave the fitting room. // © H&M Group

“We are developing and imagining how COS retail spaces can inspire our customers, both now and for the future. Our ambition is to pilot new technologies that allow us to meet and exceed our customers’ in-store shopping expectations. With COS Beverly Hills, we have seen first-hand how our customer experience can be elevated with tech enhancements. As a result, these innovations will be rolled-out in more COS’ US stores this year”, Lea Rytz Goldman, Managing Director COS.

Among the tech solutions in the first pilot-store in Beverly Hills, California, are for example, fitting rooms equipped with smart mirrors that recognise products brought into the room (e.g. item, size, and colour) with the possibility to offer personalised product and styling recommendations. On the store floor, other types of smart mirrors can be used for virtual try-on and styling. We are also testing new checkout solutions and enhanced more sustainable delivery and return options.

“Throughout 2022 we will test a new frictionless and personalised shopping experience — from the fitting room to checkout. This initiative is a natural next step in H&M Group’s long history of innovation, where we use technology to discover new ways of enjoying fashion”, Alan Boehme, Chief Technology Officer, H&M Group.

Source: H&M Group

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