Fully automated stores: Pepper for your fulfillment service
5. July 2022 | News, Retail Technology, What´s new in Retail

Webtalk at 2022/09/14: How to provide your clientele with a convenient omnichannel shopping experience

Your customers are still hungry for their favorite snack late at night, but are facing closed doors at your store because your staff has already gone home? Thanks to retail robots that are ready for action around the clock, you will no longer miss out on these sales, as purchases can be made quickly and conveniently in fully automated stores at any time.

Whether customers are shopping on-site at a vending machine, ordering their goods via a web store or app, or tracking their order online, link your online and offline worlds and create a tasty omnichannel experience for you and your clientele. That’s because by using automation and robotic merchandise delivery technologies, you can extend the hours of your brick-and-mortar store or set up completely standalone unmanned stores at hubs of supply. You can also establish new shopping points in locations that were previously too far away for spontaneous cravings.

If you want to know what ingredients it takes for retail automation and how to create your own recipe for micro-fulfillment centers, join our webtalk and get all your other questions answered with practical examples and use cases.

Participation in the Webtalk about  automated Stores on 2022/09/14 at 4 p.m. CET is free of charge after registration!

Peppered questions for your automated store:

  • Photo: Environmentally conscious aroma for your shipping...What audiences do I reach with automated stores? And for which use cases does the concept promise success?
  • Which retail processes are suitable for automation?
  • Is the integration of an automated store worthwhile for any company?
  • How can I keep my clientele loyal, even without the personal relationship between staff and clientele?
  • What opportunities for omnichannel services does this create and how can I exploit the potential? What do I need to do this?
  • What added value can I gain from this, besides saving staff, time, and space?
  • Is a combination of manned and unmanned store possible and profitable?

You can’t be there on 2022/09/21?

Register anyway and get your personal access to the on-demand video after the talk.

Be there and join our discussion!

Register now at www.retail-salsa.com.

Do you have specific questions on automated stores and omnichannel? Feel free to send them in advance to service@retail-salsa.de. We will find answers in a talk with our experts.

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