Introducing Bathe: An app designed to maximise the ultimate self care moments
19. September 2022 | News, Retail Marketing, ReTell, Shopping Today

Lush has launched its latest innovation allowing customers to take time for themselves.

Introducing Lush Bathe – a new app, designed to track and maximise the benefits of bathing, assisted by immersive audio-visual experiences is now available on iOS and Android.

For this, Lush has collaborated with an inspiring range of wellbeing experts, practitioners, sound healers and mentors to create a series of in-app exclusive transformative meditative experiences for mindful moments whilst bathing or elsewhere – allowing all customers, anywhere to benefit.

The in-house designed app can also connect with your health data to really understand and identify the tangible, physical benefits of bathing.

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“When you step into your bathroom it can be time just for you to focus on your wellbeing, it can be as simple as taking a bath, or a shower or even just washing your face. Our products packed full of fresh ingredients and essential oils help to relax and uplift.
We wanted to create a tool that enhances this further to help people turn mundane moments into mindful minutes by establishing a daily bathing routine that helps them to relax, improve mood and sleep better. This app can be a great addition to a bathing or shower routine whether with a bath bomb, bubble bar, soap or facemask.
We were lucky enough to work with some great practitioners from the wellbeing community, some inside the company and some friends of Lush to create transformative me-moments for next level bathing.”

– Katrina Johnson, Brand and Digital Concepts at Lush

Island Playlists – You don’t have to go far to be somewhere else

Following its Anti-Social Policy announcement in 2021, Lush launched Adventures in Bathing – offering experiences curated by audio accompaniments – away from endless scrolling.

From playful beats to a gothic love story, the app contains six new varied and entrancing playlists , curated from and inspired by Lush Spa soundtracks – each 24 minutes in duration bringing to life customer favourite bath bombs inspired bath bombs. 

Coming soon: The sound bath podcast series

Recently Lush launched its first-ever podcast in North America called “The Sound Bath: Conversations that Cleanse”.

Hosted by blues poet and storyteller Aja Monet, she engages in conversations with society’s change-makers that disrupt and dismantle existing ideas of self-care and unpack today’s biggest topics in mental, physical, social, and environmental wellbeing.

“I hope that this podcast can be a prompt to activate your inner life, around you, in your environment, in your community, and in your society day to day. “Conversations can spark and shift entire movements. They can lead us intentionally into ourselves as we take a step towards one another.”

– Aja Monet, Host of the Sound bath podcast

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