Tesco to open three more GetGo stores with new hybrid format
10. November 2022 | News, Retail Technology, ReTell, Shopping Today

Tesco has announced a further expansion of its GetGo stores trial, with Chiswell Street Express open from 1 November.

The expansion of the trial – which will include two stores in London and another in Birmingham – will allow more customers to shop and pay without scanning a product or using a checkout. For the first time, these new stores will also offer customers the option of using a self-service or attended checkout if they prefer.

The three new sites are Chiswell Street Express in central London, with Fulham Reach Express in Parrs Way, London, and Aston University Express in Aston, Birmingham also due to open over the next few months.

The trial of the new stores will offer customers the option of using more familiar payment methods alongside the checkout-free app. The expansion will also allow the company to test the new format in a variety of locations. Tesco launched its first GetGo store in High Holborn in October 2021, where the average shopper takes three minutes to complete their shop using the app, and which will continue to offer a purely checkout-free model.

Customers will be able to enjoy the same range of Tesco products as a normal Express store and benefit from great value deals through Clubcard Prices.

Shoppers choosing the checkout-free option simply need to download the Tesco app and select the GetGo option. They can then just walk in and pick their shopping, before scanning their app as they walk out. Continuing Tesco’s partnership with Trigo, a combination of cameras and weight-sensors will establish what customers have picked up and charge them for products directly through the app when they leave the store.

Customers who don’t have the Tesco app can use the new hybrid stores in the same way as usual, paying at the attended or self-service checkouts. They can then scan their receipt to exit the barriers. Colleagues will be on hand to help. There will be a section in all stores specifically for age-restricted products, with a separate exit where Tesco colleagues will manually conduct age verification.

Kevin Tindall, Managing Director for Tesco Convenience, said: “We are excited to expand our trial of GetGo and to see what customers think about our new hybrid model, which offers them different options for seamless shopping. Whether customers choose the checkout-free option or prefer to use a checkout, we want to make the shopping trip as quick and convenient as possible.”

Source: Tesco

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