Wilson pop-up store about the brand’s role in the 2021 U.S. Open
10. January 2023 | News, ReTell, Shopping Today

Museum, lab, lounge, store

Wilson pop-up store with a yellow store design with tennis balls in in New York City

© Richard Cadan Photography

This 4600-sq.-ft. pop-up in New York City focuses on celebrating Wilson’s 108-year brand history and as a tie-in to the 2021 U.S. Open. Wilson hoped to capture the energy and excitement of that marquee event. The Bergmeyer team worked with the Wilson creative team to create a distinctive experience; part museum, part lab, part lounge, and part retail store.

The installation focuses on celebrating Wilson’s history and evolution in the sport of tennis through storytelling and immersive interactions designed to be a journey that shows the brand as the embodiment of this storied sport. Graphics, memorabilia, merchandising, the “ball room” experience, and a customization zone, all allow customers to engage with the Wilson brand in ways they never had before.

Additionally, visitors can view exhibits dedicated to game-changing moments in tennis history from Jimmy McDaniel breaking tennis’s color barrier to Billie Jean King’s fight for equal rights, to Serena Williams becoming the best of the Open Era.

Wilson pop-up store with a yellow store design with tennis balls in in New York City

© Richard Cadan Photography

Judges called the Wilson pop-up ‘super cool.’ Adding, branding, visual merchandising, and bold color accents create an engaging gallery experience for patrons.

This project received an Innovation Award for Concept Design and a second Innovation Award for Brand Expression.

Responsible for the design & architecture was Bergmeyer Associates, Boston.

The Wilson pop-up store is one in the class of 2021 of the 51th International Design Award Winners. The 51st International Design Awards was sponsored by Little, BHDP, Cadan Photography and IA, Interior Architects.

Source: Retail Design Institute

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