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At EuroShop 2023, Arneg will promote the message that to make progress together, you need RESPECT

The Arneg Group is gearing up for the 21st edition of EuroShop with a message of RESPECT – a powerful and universal concept that embodies a world of shared values, defines a virtuous lifestyle and is applied daily to enable businesses to work together to grow responsibly.


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Respect has long defined the history of the Arneg Group, which has developed innovative products and revolutionary solutions over the past 60 years that have demonstrated respect for food, people, the environment and energy. With this in mind, its booth at EuroShop 2023 will showcase the company’s efforts to make a difference in the market as well as in the daily lives of everyday citizens. The theme of respect will thus be illustrated along four guidelines:


Respect For Food

Respect For Food means caring for, protecting and enhancing food products, adhering to strict standards of preservation and food safety, waste reduction, clear information and a greener mass retail sector. The Arneg Group takes all these issues seriously and embodies them in high-performance, sustainable products and technical innovations. Arneg strives to give every shop, every customer and every cabinet, the highest level of service in terms of design and customisation, to enhance customer experience at maximum levels.

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Respect For People

Respect For People means acting responsibly, not only towards customers, suppliers and consumers, but also towards employees and colleagues within the group. It means applying a rigorous code of ethics as professionals and individuals within a community. It also requires transparent communications and consideration for social, economic and environmental impacts.


Respect For The Environment

Respect For The Environment means promoting a circular economy, recycling raw materials, protecting the climate and biodiversity, and developing products that have a low environmental impact. These themes have always inspired Arneg’s intensive research activities and have led to the development of technical solutions that combine excellent performance with maximum environmental sustainability.

Natural refrigerants continue to be the company’s first choice for both remote (CO2) and plug-in (R290) cabinets, while it has also increased its use of recyclable and recycle-derived materials – in fact, 96% of an Arneg cabinet can be recycled.


Respect For Energy

Respect For Energy stands for energy saving, research into alternative energy sources, a sustainable cold chain and clear energy labelling. This has always been a principal focus of the Arneg Group, which has invested heavily in energy and developed systems and solutions for monitoring and optimising consumption – a trait that has placed the company at the vanguard of research today. An example of this is the group’s range of hot serve-over counters, which work with induction instead of traditional heating elements.

Some pictures of the Arneg Group at Euroshop 2020


The products and solutions of the various companies that form the Arneg Group – including major brands ARNEG, INTRAC, INCOLD, and OSCARTIELLE – can play a leading role in demonstrating that respect, across each of these pillars, is not an abstract concept but a form of action that brings its clear, global and forward-looking vision to life.

Visit Arneg Group at EuroShop 2023, at Hall 16 / A56 – C40 or log on to www.arneg.com to find out more.











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