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An interactive online experience with expert advice and adventure

by Julia Pott (exclusively for EuroCIS.mag)

Experiences during the Corona pandemic have shown that in the spaces between personal, physical in-store shopping and the more impersonal, rigid web store there is the potential for richer shopping experiences. With impressive online showrooms, many retailers and brands have tried to bridge this gap.

Let’s have a look at some of these latest showrooms.


Play, learn and browse – the virtual customer journey

Charlotte Tilbury, arguably one of the most successful entrepreneurs in the UK with her beauty brand is excited by new technologies and their possibilities: “I believe there is a fine line between advanced technology and magic.”

Under Charlotte Tilbury’s leadership as founder, president and chief creative officer of Charlotte Tilbury Beauty, the virtual Beauty Wonderland was created.


In the virtual showroom of Genelec, manufacturer of audio technology from Finland, the focus is clearly on product information.


Business Development Director Ken Kimura of Genelec describes the evolution to this virtual presence this way: “One of the powerful effects of the pandemic was to focus our minds on how to communicate more effectively via digital marketing channels. So, we used that period of enforced disruption to explore how to engage closely with our customers in the virtual world, and the Virtual Showroom was a natural result of that planning process – complementing our well-established website and social media channels.”

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Showrooming at its best: Brand experience, product details, consultation

The French textile label Lacoste shows how an impressive brand presentation can succeed. The user moves through the virtual store by hopping along with the famous crocodile of the Lacoste logo.


Fiat virtual showroom


One industry in which online showrooms have experienced a real boom is the automotive sector. Not only the luxury brands, but also almost all other automotive groups have created virtual worlds where customers can explore the cars online.

FIAT’s Metaverse store focuses on personal consultation. Interested parties can only enter the interactive showroom by

appointment. But then they receive personal advice from employees from the first question to the conclusion of the purchase.

Customers can be shown product details and features up close. In addition, customization of details such as bodywork, color and interior trim allows an individual preview in real time. In addition, FIAT offers the replication of the driving experience on selected models.


Hyundai also offers its customers an online showroom to discover its car models.


Retailers as multipliers for product experiences and customer journeys

Virtual showrooms of brands are not only a good opportunity for the companies themselves, but also for retailers to advise, inspire and retain customers.

The Virtual Kitchen online showroom from Sharp Home Electronics – integrated here on the website of appliance retailer Mrs. G Appliances – is one such multiplication tool for retailers.


Virtual showrooms allow users to enjoy a self-determined shopping experience from the comfort of their sofa, combining many of the advantages of brick-and-mortar and online retail. Brands and retailers who take advantage of this opportunity to make their products and their brand interactive, exciting, and individually experienceable can thus excellently complement their legacy identity and their web presence. Although cutting edge, the full range of possibilities remains vast as retailers jump into this world with renewed focus.

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