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Store Design Stage @ EuroShop 2023

One topic that never fails to excite visitors to EuroShop is store design. The dimension Shop Fitting, Store Design & Visual Merchandising is not only a feast for the eyes, it also visualizes impressively clearly the great effect design has on the customer experience and the success of a store.

For those who wanted to delve deeper into this beautiful and complex topic, the Store Design Stage at EuroShop 2023, The World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair, was the place to be. Here, designers, architects, photographers, communication experts and retailers met on and off stage to discuss the latest trends and best practice examples from the world of retail.

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Brick-and-mortar retail is flourishing

Anyone who thought that brick-and-mortar retail would lose importance as a result of the pandemic and the further upswing in e-commerce was proven wrong, at the latest during the presentations at the Store Design Stage. With the help of many vivid examples from all over the world, it became clear that large retailers and brands continue to rely on brick-and-mortar stores or even expand them. This is because the need for physical experiences is growing on the customer side.

Richard Cadan, a photographer who covers a lot of ground in the retail industry, had brought wonderful and very vivid examples of how brands like Bucherer or Levi Strauss in the USA are creating shopping experiences: From impressive brand designs to seating and coffee/cocktail bars to personalization and digital elements, retailers are coming up with a lot to entice customers into the stores.

It’s hard to imagine brick-and-mortar stores without digital elements; they are part of a modern omnichannel customer experience. James Damian and Paolo Tiani from Grottini used the Vans Europe pop-up store to show how such a “phygital experience” (physical and digital) can be successfully designed.

The “Phygital Story” was also the central topic at Umdasch: Bernd Albl explained the role of digitalization and augmented reality in store planning.

Jacob Ferguson from Schwitzke provided further insights into how brands design their brick-and-mortar stores. He explained and showed design trends at Tommy Hilfiger and Patagonia.

Many great store designs were also presented by Kateryna Oguriaieva from the Ukrainian supermarket chain Silpo: Each branch is designed according to a specific theme, the design transports customers into a miniature world.

Morten Dahl from MDT A/S was also very practical: Here, the audience learned about the possibilities of using 3D printing in architecture and store design.

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