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The power of digitization: intelligent retail processes, optimal customer experiences

EuroShop, The World’s No. 1 Retail Trade Fair, is also always a show of the latest innovations. In 2023, exhibitors in the Retail Technology dimension in particular showed what the future of retail could look like.

Fittingly, the Retail Technology Stage program featured many innovative solutions and plenty of expert knowledge on the use of technology. Vendors, users and industry insiders discussed current use cases and future opportunities to leverage digitization for business success in presentations and panels.

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Smart store technologies

For some years now, no retail technology event can be imagined without technologies that enable autonomous stores and invisible payment. Such solutions were also among the defining themes at the Retail Technology Stage at EuroShop 2023.

Sinanudin Omerhodzic from ALDI Nord and Michael Gabay from Trigo, for example, presented their autonomous store concept Shop & Go and the technologies behind it.

In Poland, the Żabka Group is already implementing autonomous store concepts. Patryk Powierża, together with Jakub Czerwinski from Adyen, reported on their experiences with the Żabka Nano-Stores at the Retail Technology Stage.

Torsten Mölders from Axis Communications was able to contribute answers on a possible security concept and communication and video surveillance in staff-free stores.

And Hendrik Ohse from Bizerba discussed the advantages of weight sensors in combination with camera-based artificial intelligence for autonomous stores.

Self-service solutions

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Another focus of the presentation content was the rich offering that self-service technologies enable to make the customer journey more self-determined and faster for consumers.

Marks & Spencer has implemented a new café concept in their stores. Tom Rawlinson and Sneah Das shared how self-service kiosks and web-based solutions complement customer service.

Florian Burgstaller from shopreme talked about mobile scan&go applications and their benefits for the customer journey.

Raz Golan from Shopic also focused on the customer journey and showed the possibilities offered by smart shopping carts equipped with technologies to enable customers to self-checkout on the floor.

Technologies that make retail processes more efficient

Efficiency, optimal process flows and real-time data analysis are also very important topics in the retail industry. Technological solutions help retailers and employees to manage their daily business well and to focus on the tasks that require human creativity, decision-making skills and consulting services.

Keith Mercier from Microsoft and Mirko Sail from Schwarz Digital GmbH spoke about the role of the cloud in retail. Using LIDL and Kaufland as examples, they explained how cloud software can optimize workforce management.

The presentation by Jessica Grisolia, Scandit, was also about efficient use of manpower. For example, employees can be assisted with repetitive tasks through intelligent data collection when it comes to inventory management.

Digitization also facilitates claims and complaints management, which is still largely done manually and on paper, Reiner Sailer of Markant Services International and Anke Schmidt of Dirk Rossmann GmbH showed.

Ricardo Helm from Neoalto/POS TUNING spoke about the smart shelf and how it can support both the customer experience and data analysis in the store.


It is impossible to list the complete range of trends, solutions and application examples presented that were discussed at the Retail Technology Stage 2023. For more presentations on industry buzzwords such as energy efficiency, sustainability, digital transformation, Internet of Things, IT hardware and software, RFID, cybersecurity, and many more, check out the Retail Technology Stage offerings.

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