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Exclusive voices of our foreign representatives

Since 2016, the international trade fair scene has been celebrating Global Exhibitions Day. This year again, on the first Wednesday in June, everything revolves around the exhibition industry under the motto: “We run the meeting places and marketplaces for everyone” – locally, regionally, but also globally. We as the EuroShop team are naturally delighted and, to celebrate the day, wanted to know from our foreign representatives around the world: What is the importance of (trade) fairs for you? Here are the answers:

Global Exhibition Day -1Soojin Lee, Representative Korea, said:

“Trade fairs with personal exchange are an essential part of the business since they allow face-to-face interactions and foster collaboration.

EuroShop is one of Messe Düsseldorf’s most successful trade fairs and its advantages lie in direct engagement, faster decision-making, and the creation of special moments that inspire innovation with various special supporting programs!

All key players in Korea have attended EuroShop 2023 and our exhibitors showed much gratitude and satisfaction to Messe Düsseldorf’s professionalism and exceptional services, which leads to successful business.

Looking forward to the next EuroShop! & Happy GED 2023”

Natalie Hübner, Representative Austria, said:

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© EuroShop

“The trade shows held after the Corona pandemic clearly show, in figures and field reports, how important it is for exhibitors and visitors to have personal contact and professional exchange between industry, trade and users at a trade show. The retail equipment sector in particular reported a high demand for information and concrete orders. Visitors with professional competence and decision-making potential made this possible.”

Global Exhibition Day -1©Messe Düsseldorf

©Messe Düsseldorf

Ody Randsdorp, Representative Netherlands, said:

„With Germany as its most important trading partner, Messe Düsseldorf’s international trade shows, including the No. 1 retail trade show EuroShop, are THE platform for Dutch businesses to showcase their products and services and connect with the market. And it works: Most exhibitors and trade visitors come back for every edition. Why? Because they know what to expect in Düsseldorf: Innovations, start-ups, forums with presentations on industry developments and the most important players from the market.

For Dutch exhibitors and visitors there is an additional advantage: they can be in Düsseldorf within a few hours by car or public transport.”

Blick auf eine Messehalle mit einer Vielzahl an Besucher*innenAnne Meerboth-Maltz, Representative North America, said:

“Trade fairs not only bring members of a specific industry sectors together on a global scale but provide opportunities for totally different partners to work together in order to benefit that sector. One example is the recently held XPONENTIAL in Denver, Colorado: for the first time, the Association for Uncrewed Vehicles International (AUVSI) and Messe Düsseldorf North America (MDNA) jointly hosted XPONENTIAL, the leading trade show for uncrewed systems and robotic technology.

By collaborating, these two organizers created synergies impacting the various industries represented at Messe Düsseldorf’s world-leading trade shows in Germany while contributing to XPONENTIAL’s future growth. Exhibitors and visitors alike profit from this cooperation for a key emerging topic.”

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