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What about modern refrigeration technology?

Pierluigi Schiesaro and Gian Paolo Di Marco from ARNEG, a company focusing on food service equipments, talk about refrigeration systems as “shopping entertainment”, what sustainable cooling could look like and why decisions made by retailers today will influence their business of tomorrow.

Mr. Schiesaro, what developments are you currently observing in the refrigeration market?

Pierluigi Schiesaro, R&D Director / © arneg

Pierluigi Schiesaro: The commercial refrigeration equipment market can be classified into food service, food and beverage retail, food and beverage distribution and others. We as ARNEG S.p.A. are focusing on food service equipments.

If we talk about format, globally it depends on the area. Analysts have speculated some predictions: in some regions of the world discount stores will prevail, maybe in Europe, South America and USA; for Africa and Middle East they talk about hypermarket and supermarket; in Asia and Oceania convenience store will come out on top. These are only previsions, but one thing is sure and plain to all: grocery is increasing, especially in the most developed countries even if the consumption of ready-to-eat products, beverages, and frozen food has increased considerably worldwide in the recent years, which is further boosting the demand for commercial refrigeration equipments.

Looking to the refrigerating systems is clear that in Europe the current F-GAS regulation have influenced the choices of refrigerants and plant designs.

What does this development mean for your products?

Schiesaro Arneg follows the market’s evolution and is working to propose tailored solutions to different needs. Particularly the so called “shopping entertainment” to contrast the growing ecommerce trend give us the opportunity do design specific models not only for displaying food in a special  and attractive way but also for tasting and eating it directly in the shop.

But Arneg products and solutions are all ahead the Regulation limits, not using fluorinated greenhouse gas but only natural refrigerants such as CO2 and R290.

As a general rule, the market for commercial refrigeration appliances can be divided into the areas of gastronomy, food and beverage retailing, and food and beverage distribution. / ©arneg

What will sustainable refrigeration systems look like in the retail sector in the future?

Schiesaro Sustainability will be a must for the commercial refrigeration in the next few years. Therefore the use of natural refrigerants in high efficient systems together with the use of high efficient cabinets (Ecodesign and Energy Labelling Regulations will become mandatory in March 2021 for this sector) will deeply change the look of the commercial refrigeration in favor of sustainability.

Mr. Di Marco, what tips would you give a grocery retailer for the ideal arrangement of refrigerated cabinets for a sales-promoting product presentation?

Gian Paolo Di Marco, Export Sales Director / © arneg

Gian Paolo Di Marco: Our philosophy is to listen our customers, organized retailers as well as independent shop owners, to understand their needs and select together a product of our portfolio which responds to all or most of the customer requirements and fit for its operations. Our ability stays in finding that specific product and, if necessary, to adapt it for the customer. A solution that could be good for one retailer, probably won’t be the right one for another retailer.

For sure, today all the retailers should focus on the F-Gas regulation as the choices they make today can affect dramatically their future operational costs. That’s why we always approach this matter when negotiating with our customers.

What will you be presenting at EuroShop 2020? Will you give us a “sneak preview”?

Di Marco
: Of course, we don’t want to spoil our presence at EuroShop 2020, therefore we cannot give any preview. However we can give a little clue: we are going to express our cosmopolitan core at its best. With this attitude, we will try to excite once more all the visitors of our stand with new ideas and solutions which involve both design and technology. We are working hardly to amaze every single visitor which will honour us coming to our stand.

Interview: Julia Pott
First published at iXtenso – Magazine for Retailers

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