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Sustainable and creative: How Apple BKC Mumbai delights

by Jennifer Meyer (exclusively for EuroShop.mag)

On April 18, 2023, Apple opened its first store in India. In addition to the products themselves, the focus here is on the customer experience and service. The architecture and energy supply of the building are also remarkable.

The Apple BKC is in Mumbai’s vibrant Bandra Kurla Complex, known for finance, arts, and entertainment. The store aims to be a dynamic place where visitors discover Apple’s products and services.

At the opening event, in addition to the press, there were also numerous influencers. In their posts, they showed their admiration for the brand, CEO Tim Cook and the new Apple Store:


After so many positive reports, Elke Moebius – Director of EuroShop and EuroCIS – did not miss the opportunity to visit the Apple BKC when she was in Mumbai for In-store Asia at the end of April. Her impression of the store? “Here, the usual clear and elegant-minimalist Apple feel is combined with the extraordinary – definitely worth seeing!” She captured her personal insights exclusively for EuroShop.mag.

In-store Asia in Mumbai is the largest trade show on the Indian subcontinent for retail solutions and investments in store design, visual merchandising and in-store marketing. The expo – part of the EuroShop family of trade fairs – brings together all leading retail suppliers from India and surrounding countries under one roof.


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