3 Questions to … Melahat Atılgan, Shopline Shopfitting
22. May 2020 | 3 Questions to…, Shop Fitting, Store Design & Visual Merchandising

Making products the star of the show – Shopfitting today

In times of digitization and online shopping, should brand names and products still aim to expand their brick-and-mortar retail footprint? Absolutely, says Melahat Atılgan, Managing Director of Shopline Shopfitting and explains important aspects of product presentation and how they affect the customer.

What are the latest top design trends in shopfitting?

Melahat Atılgan: We live in times where change happens rapidly. As long as the designs keep pace with changing aspects and meet the target audience’s wants and needs, it will remain a positive factor that affects consumer purchases and is reflected in retail sales.

When it comes to design, today’s retailer prefers higher ceilings, rich visual displays and in-store systems that offer flexible ways to present products. The best solution are discreet, simple, functional systems that don’t eclipse the product but offer multiple options to showcase it using existing décor and displays. This creates a dynamic brand impression.

When it comes to online competitors, what do brick-and-mortar retailers have to do to attract customers to their physical stores?

Besides being a place to buy products, store environments are also part of today’s socialization process. Despite online shopping, brands and products benefit from a physical presence in brick-and-mortar settings because it is an opportunity to make an emotional connection with the customer. You don’t have this perk when you shop online. If retail tools such as coupons or special sales are used correctly and the customer perceives them as a service as part of his/her shopping experience, he or she feels respected and valued as a loyal customer. Merchandising is another important aspect in this context. The advantages of service and technology that address the power of human emotions and well-being of shoppers will continue to stand the test of time.

What are some special trends you see happening in the international shopfitting market and at EuroShop 2020?

Shopfitting increasingly strives to make shopping easier and more convenient to save customers time and energy – which is a remarkable development. At EuroShop 2020, I also noticed that natural materials shown in easy-to-use formats are enjoying increasing popularity. The overall design concept is key here; while technology is important, it is not the decisive factor. Finally, experiential studies were another interesting facet as they show that the human element and interaction have positive long-term effects on brick-and-mortar shopping behavior since they leave a good feeling in people’s minds.

Interview: Katja Laska

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