Lush Bluewater doubles shop size to offer new customer experiences
3. August 2022 | News, ReTell, Shop Fitting, Store Design & Visual Merchandising, What´s new in Retail

Fresh handmade cosmetics brand Lush revealed the new look of its Bluewater shop with an expansion. Lush Bluewater revealed a new design and double the size of the original shop with a retail area of 145 sqm.

“I joined Lush Bluewater back in January 2011 and to this very day, I still remember the scents of the products we launched during that time.
That’s the magical thing about Lush, the nostalgic feeling you have with the products  you first purchase. The scents associate you with a different time in your life, conjure the most memorable moments. I hope the new store will create great memories and experiences for all our existing and new customers. The expansion will enhance the customer’s shopping experience making Lush Bluewater a spectacular and exciting shopping destination.
And all are welcome, always.” – Fern Wongsawat, Lush Bluewater Shop Manager

Continuing to invest in the high street

Lush is committed to continuing investment in the high streets and providing innovation to showcase the 5* customer service experience. In 2022 Lush will make a retail investment approximately £7.6m for new shops, relocations and refits across the UK&I and Europe.

The Bluewater retail experience highlights categories of iconic Lush inventions from the 1980s including the shampoo bar and the bath bomb, as well as a’section with an array of ethical gifts and Knot Wraps. There will also be dedicated space for personal, bespoke Lush skincare consultations with the opportunity for customers to pick up free samples for their summer skincare routine.

Lush Parties

The additional space allows Lush Bluewater to offer more of the popular fresh, handmade customisable parties with new exclusive products.

Reducing, Reusing, Recycling

As part of Lush’s mission to ‘Leave the world Lusher than we found it’, the main focus of the design is repurposing furniture. Alongside some new furniture produced from ethically sourced and durable materials, existing furniture from the previous store will be repurposed and refinished to give the materials a new lease of life. This is reducing the environmental impact and any waste of the shop refit process.

When fitting their shops, Lush utilise the same values they do when sourcing ingredients for their products.

“At Lush we celebrate the stories that make us and our products and we wanted to create a place customers could explore and indulge in these stories, as well as a place to create their own ones. The new, larger store focuses on bringing people together through spaces to create perfect, personalised gifts for loved ones, throwing a party with friends or meeting our fantastic in-store team.” – Danielle Platt, Lush Shop and Space Planning

Bring It Back

Lush Bluewater is not only looking forward to welcoming their customers back, but also welcoming their plastic packaging back! As part of Lush’s mission to ‘Leave the world Lusher than we found it’, Lush shops are inviting customers to bring back any full-sized Lush plastic packaging to their local Lush shop to be recycled as part of their fresh new packaging returns scheme, Bring It Back.

For each plastic Lush item returned, customers will receive a 50p deposit to spend on their Lush basket that day.

Source: Lush

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