Cornershop by Uber and Carrefour Brasil Group get into the 15-minute delivery segment
2. November 2022 | News, Retail Technology, ReTell, Shopping Today

The model has debuted in Sao Paulo and already has five Carrefour Express stores

Cornershop by Uber users in some regions of the city of Sao Paulo now have a new option within the app: “Carrefour Já” is the bet made by the app and the Carrefour Brasil Group for the 15-minute delivery segment. Developed in partnership by the two companies, the new brand starts off with market differentials that will be reflected in the business scalability model and the final consumer experience.

One of these differentials is the operation’s concentration in Carrefour Express stores at strategic points of the city of Sao Paulo. “This model allows us to combine the retail expertise of the Carrefour Group with Cornershop by Uber’s intermediation technology to create the best experience for users who want to make an urgent purchase, as it will have access to a varied mix of products, with the reliability of the catalog in the app and speed in delivery. We worked with several areas of Carrefour to design each stage of the process,” says Cristina Alvarenga, Head of Cornershop by Uber in Brazil.

The operation being in Carrefour Express stores offers the largest assortment of products, in addition to a wide variety of suppliers. Today, the project works with 2,000 to 3,000 SKUs per store and daily supply, which guarantees the quality of fresh products, which account for 30% of the items ordered.

Carrefour started with two stores in July, expanded to five in August, and has been delivering consistent results week on week.

Carrefour Brasil Group has led major changes in the country’s retail sector, linking its service formats and the way it offers its products. We are within 5km of 50% of Brazilians and we want to deliver quality and practicality to our customers, aligned with our global purpose Act For Food, which is premised on access to quality, sustainable, and affordable food,” says Samuel James, Chief Digital Officer, Carrefour Group.

The wide variety of items available to users drives “Carrefour Já” in a segment that, to enable the implementation of dark stores, usually works with only about one thousand SKUs per store. Also, according to Samuel James, it is possible to make deliveries in about 15 minutes thanks to dedicated teams inside the stores for collection and delivery of orders. Stock is guaranteed by optimized integration of the catalog – a process that was also developed in tandem by the two companies.

Every stage of the process has been designed to provide the best experience for all involved, including those who deliver. The speed the order is handled with in the stores, the location of the units – which deliver within a very limited radius – and the technology that identifies the delivery partner closest to the place of collection, contribute to the safety of those who take the orders to customers’ homes. “This means we can offer enough time for these people to make deliveries without rushing,” says Alvarenga.

Global partnership

A global pioneer, Carrefour Já is the latest project in a successful partnership that the Carrefour Group has with Uber worldwide. In France alone, more than 1,200 Carrefour stores are available via Uber Eats in about 600 cities. There are more than 6,000 products available to users, including food, hygiene and cleaning products, and household items. In Spain, the partnership was launched in the first half of 2022 and already includes more than 100 stores in more than 50 cities. Carrefour and Uber Eats also have partnerships in Italy, Belgium, and Taiwan. The goal, throughout the year, is to expand the offer to include about 150 additional Carrefour Express and Carrefour Market stores.

In Brasil, the partnership with Grupo Carrefour includes the Carrefour Hiper, Carrefour Bairro, Carrefour Express, Atacadão, Carrefour Drogaria, Big, Nacional, Big Bompreço, Maxxi, SAMs, Super Bompreço, and Todo dia, in addition to Carrefour Drogaria and, now, Carrefour Já, adding more than 250 stores available in the Cornershop by Uber app and in the Market section of Uber’s app in 25 Brazilian cities.

Source: Carrefour Group

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