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Luxury shopping, artful meals and jeans with a history – an irresistible combination

by Julia Pott (exclusively for EuroShop.mag)

With a nod to the British Empire, Johannesburg’s Hyde Park neighborhood is named after the prestigious Hyde Park district of London. Its Hyde Park Corner shopping center embraces this prestige and sense of exclusivity, delighting a discerning, affluent audience.

In addition to a broad mix of shopping options, it also includes exciting food concepts, art exhibitions and, for example, a luxury branch of a cinema chain.

As part of the global tour in preparation for EuroShop 2023, Elke Moebius, Director EuroShop/EuroCIS, traveled to South Africa and visited inspiring retail concepts.


Customers appreciate it when retailers and mall operators create experiences, create a feel-good atmosphere and offer spaces that are a pleasure to spend time in. At EuroShop, The World’s Leading Retail Trade Fair, you can learn how to inspire visitors with gastronomic offers, events or retail design. The Hot Topic Third Places maps the importance of this topic for the retail industry.

For the exclusive taste, visually and gastronomically

Like any self-respecting shopping center, the gastronomic offer is not neglected.


The authenticity of denim

Another special feature is the store and the history of Tshepo Jeans.


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